A combination between heavy and light and the old and new

This is the Barcode House, a residence that impresses both by its size and design. The Barcode House was a project by David Jameson Architects. It’s located in Washington, DC, United States. This residence can be best defined by the contrasts it includes. There’s a constant juxtaposition between old and new, dark and bright and so on.The result was an impressive building, with an unusual but interesting design. Because the house sits on a narrow site, the vertical orientation was not something optional. The architects decided to create a tall residence in which they tried to incorporate all the client’s requirements. First of all, the client wanted a transparent living space. In fact, he wanted all the rooms to be bright.

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Taking those elements into consideration, the architects decided to incorporate several transparent features into the design. They also decided to design the house two sides made almost entirely of glass. This way the client will have the transparent living space he wanted and the giant glass walls will also let in plenty of natural light for the other spaces as well.

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The glass window walls feature structural steel rods that have been aligned. This element is also what gave the name of the residence. There’s also a more private area in the rear of the house. The idea behind this project was interesting and intriguing at the same time. The results were more than the client expected or imagined.{found on architezer}.