A cloud tree house in Japan

A magnificent tree like this one was just asking for a tree house to be built around it. Sabaoarch was the studio that did it. They designed the Cloud, a structure that was attached to the tree and actually built around it. It’s shaped like a cloud and it gives users the feeling of actually floating in the sky. These were the two elements that gave the name of the project.

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Three solid tree trunks hold up the structure. The tree was indeed perfect for this project. It’s located on a hill in Kanagawa, Japan and it’s surrounded by forests and amazing views. The architects managed to preserve and maintain the tree’s stance and to damage it as little as possible. They built the Cloud around it and allowed branches to penetrate the structure and become a part of it. The Cloud blends in beautifully.

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The Cloud is a curved structure with a contemporary design. It follows the tree’s natural contour and shape and it allows it to dominate the design. The tree and the Cloud will both grow old together and will continue to merge and to transform with time. The floor of the Cloud is made of yellow cedar. The roof has become home to birds and insects. This beautiful blue Japanese oak is now also an alternative living area for the Cloud’s owners.