Clever Dresser Makeovers That Bring Forth New Possibilities

If a furniture piece becomes old and outdated, that alone is not a good reason for you to give up having it in your home. Some appreciate such pieces and enjoy the memories that are linked to them but this is not always the case. This article explores the ways in which you can revive an old dresser by giving it a makeover so whether it’s a family heirloom or a piece you came across in a store, hopefully you’ll find here some ideas of how to turn it into a useful storage piece for your home.


The old dresser in the kids’ room can be rejuvenated with a little bit of paint and a few extra shelves. The shelves are attached to the sides of the dresser, on the outside and they are perfect for storing books, magazines and other similar things. Paint them so they match the dresser’s body.{found on onthebanksofsquawcreek}.

Volkswagen theme dresser

Does this chest of drawers remind you of something? The post-makeover design will definitely make things clearer. The vintage piece was completely transformed with a Volkswagen theme. It had to be painted first, piece by piece. The stencils were created with cardboard and now the dresser looks quite eye-catching.{found on prodigalpieces}.

French dressers pale pink design

French dressers such as this one are very charming, even when they become old, outdated and full of dust. They’re the perfect makeover resource and you can revive them in a lot of interesting ways. Repainting the dresser is definitely an option you should take into consideration and, depending on the function and location it will occupy, you can make it stand out or blend in. The pink is a bold choice in this case and, in combination with the white drawer pulls and the black and white stripes on the drawer sides, the result is a chic new design. {found on pocketofposies}.

Fabric lined dresser with colorful drawers

An interesting idea can be to use patterned fabric to line the drawers of the dresser. Just look how it worked out in the case of the dresser makeover featured on Abeautifulmess. All the different patterns and colors give the dresser a fresh new look. They remain hidden most of the time and become a refreshing discovery when you open the drawers.

Kids friendly drawer pulls

A very simple way to refresh the design of an old dresser is with new drawer pulls. There are tons of great ideas you can use. For example, make fabric bows, use colored beads, rope, colored pom-poms, figurines or toys if you want the dresser to look cute for the kids’ room. These ideas and several more are exemplified on athomeinlove.

Yardsticks dresser makeover

Have a ton of yardsticks and nothing to use them for? Well then you’re in luck because the project we found on Cornerhouseblog requires exactly that: a whole lot of yard sticks to cover a dresser with. Basically you just adhere them to the front of the dresser one by one, making sure to leave room for the drawer pulls. You can arrange them in patterns and be creative.

Ombre painted dresser

Still, the most versatile method is still the one where you use paint to decorate a dresser and give it a fresh new look. Paint can be used in a lot of different and interesting ways. For example, use chalkboard paint so you can personalize the dresser later on, use stencils, paint stripes, use tape to come up with new designs, create ombre designs using different shades of the same color and feel free to be unique. You can check out for more inspiring ideas.

Instructions on how to use decals and paint on

And speaking of stencils and unique designs, you can check out Flor blog for detailed instructions on how to use decals and paint on an old dresser to make it look unrecognizable. This decal is detailed and complex and the makeover was a very successful one.