A chic New York loft featuring Scandinavian accents

Scandinavian homes are usually very charming. Their simplicity gives them a unique look and has transformed them into a standard for beauty. It’s why we often see Scandinavian influences in homes from all over the world. This is a nice example. It’s a loft located in New York City. The Hudson Street Loft as it may be called, was designed by Fernlund + Logan Architects.

Hudson loft ny

It has an overall modern and simple interior and this simplicity, along with the color palette and the atmosphere, make it obvious that there are some strong Scandinavian accents here. The apartment has a simple color palette, featuring white as the main color. But there are also bold accent shades, most of them visible in the living room. This is a detail that differentiates this apartment from most Nordic homes. The combination of white walls and bold furniture is very nice. The walls provide a neutral, blank canvas and this way the furniture can stand out.

Hudson loft ny2

Hudson loft ny1

The renovation definitely transformed this loft but not completely. Some of the elements from the original design were preserved and they give character to the space. For example, the loft has its original bathroom which is now used by the guests. The kitchen has been relocated in order to expand this space and to add more storage space. the result was a simple, functional and chic décor with plenty of interesting accent features and focal points.