A Chair Made from 80 Meters of Rope by Jon Fraser

A lot of designers try to come up with original ideas that are both functional and good-looking. The final product seems natural and simple but the process is not as easy as you might think. For example, let’s take a look at the Ropey chair. It was designed by Jon Fraser and it was made of 80 meters of rope and nothing more.

Jons Fraser Roapy Chair Project2View in gallery

It seems very simple but it’s not. Creating a chair uniquely out of rope is more complicated than it looks. The challenge was to make the chair usable. The sisal rope is not rigid so it had to be soaked in polyurethane resin and cured into 20 unique profiles. The result was a very original stool. The designer, Jon Fraser declared that creating the chair was a one-week project, so you can see that it wasn’t that simple.

Jons Fraser Roapy Chair Project2

Jons Fraser Roapy Chair Project2

The chair has a compact shape and a very simple design. The idea was to create something functional and original. The rope preserved its natural texture and color. This means that it might be a little too rough to sit on as it might irritate your skin. But the problem can be easily solved by covering the chair with something soft and cozy. The Ropey chair is very versatile as it can be used both indoor and outdoor, as long as it’s in a protected area to avoid deterioration.{found on HomeTone}