A-Cero Finishes Crystal Tower Interior Design Phase One in Spain

A-Cero is a brand name in Spain and the name involves the collaboration of Joaquin Torres and associate Rafael Llamzare. The latest venture for their design studio is that of completing the interiors of the ‘Crystal Tower’ Torre de Cristal in Madrid. The huge tower includes 52 floors and the image set here shows the completion of the first phase of the interior of the 50th floor.

This floor contains the presidency offices of a high profile Spanish Company. A-Cero has laid emphasis in the space with a combination of dark tones and white furnishings.

If you want a contemporary interior design, with interesting and original features and really cool pieces, than you know where to go. As you can see, this décor is amazing. It’s so modern and eye-catching. Every piece is beautiful. There are not a lot of details, but the one that are visible are really impressive.

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The furniture is breath-taking. It’s an art project in there. Every piece is special. This is what you get when you work with professionals. It’s a very dynamic design, especially because of the parallel lines that cover all the room, starting with the floors and the walls and continuing on the ceiling. It’s like you’re surrounded by this image. It’s a futuristic design, very beautiful and impressive, a real work of art.

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Posted in Interiors on June 6, 2010

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