A Cabin in a Loft in Brooklyn

I don’t know if you’ve ever experienced or seen a situation when someone wants to go camping but it starts to rain so they go inside instead and they place their tent there. This usually happens with kids. This is what the next home we’re going to present here reminded me of. A Cabin in a Loft in Brooklyn is the name of the house and it’s located in a former textile factory building with exposed brick walls and large windows.

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This place is nothing like the usual home you’re used with. This place seems to be a combination of a large place, in this case a factory, and two additional smaller home built inside the bigger one. It’s definitely unusual but the project seems to have been well though and the owners seem pretty happy with the living conditions. There’s a cabin, as well as a treehouse in there that serve as private living spaces.

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The remaining shared living space acts as a semi-private garden, which sounds a little exaggerated since the only plants are placed in flower pots. It’s an improvised living space that would have probably been more functional and practical if a simple wall would have been built to separate the two rooms. However, this is what the owners decided to do instead. The shared open space of the loft, between the two houses, consists of a living area, kitchen, and large table for eating and working. To me it looks like a temporary solution.{found on katzchiao}