A Bright Apartment With Perfectly Chosen Accent Details

As you all know, the key to having a bright and airy home is a color palette based of light shades and a simple interior décor. This apartment takes these elements to a whole new level. As you can see, the apartment seems spacious. The rooms are large and the décor is simple but not monotonous. The secret here is simplicity and balance.

Clean white swedish apartment

The designer of this apartment used several tricks to make it look so airy and spacious. For example, the walls of the walls were painted white without any exception. The bathroom features white tiles throughout and all the other rooms have white walls and ceilings. In addition, the flooring also has a light color. The wood adds warmth to the space and balances out the coldness of the white walls but it also blends in easily thanks to the color.

Clean white swedish apartment1

Clean white swedish apartment2

Clean white swedish apartment3

Clean white swedish apartment4

Clean white swedish apartment5

The dining room has a very interesting element. It’s a large mirror that rests on a wall. The mirror is a key element because it usually makes a room seem bigger and brighter and, in this case, it has a prime role in the décor because of its dimension and location. The dining room also has another interesting accent feature: the black and white area rug with a simple and dynamic pattern.

Clean white swedish apartment6

Clean white swedish apartment8

Clean white swedish apartment9

Clean white swedish apartment10

Clean white swedish apartment11

Clean white swedish apartment12

Clean white swedish apartment13

Pattern also has an important role in other rooms as well. The bedroom is as simple and serene as it can be but it doesn’t lack color. The seating area features an interesting area rug that doesn’t burst with color but which features an intricate design.{found on Alvhem}.