A Bright and Lively 90 m² Apartment

It is difficult to renovate a place, especially when the object of your work is an old building. However, when you know exactly what you want and you have good designers to share your plans with, everything goes by the book. It is the same story with a 90 m 2 floor that Dunia Garriga and Mario Calavera transformed into a house full of light that definitely impresses anyone.

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The success was ensured by the addition of intelligent furniture pieces and the creation of passing areas. For example, the salon and the living are visually separated, but perfectly integrated; they provide a wide-bright space, thanks to the clarity given by the two existing balconies. Situated in an old building, the 90 m 2 house gained amplitude and an optimization of the space, perfectly fulfilling the main objectives.

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The new distribution includes everything you might dream of, when you think about a house: desk, salon-living, main bedroom and bathroom. The irregularity of the house gives the triangular shape of the kitchen; the furniture is perfect for this environment, the wooden pavement, the sliding doors and the wardrobes prove an intelligent manner of gaining as much space as possible.

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The entire atmosphere is animated by the use of color, the various shades of daring red providing a unique mood, adding originality and personality to the whole space. Everything seems to belong to the pages of a magazine, a model of how to have a bright space, a colorful and lively home at the same time!{found on micasarevista}