A blueberry room, part of Fiaba Collection

Color is among the aspects that have the greatest impact on people, especially on young people and children. The bedroom in the picture is full of color and life, just perfect for a girl’s room. Everything matches in this animated space, where things are either purple or pink. What more could a girl want for her bedroom? Oak Kids’ bedroom has everything a child could dream. It is a single bedroom, the bed has wheels, the headboard has geometrical decorations, the cabin closet has a sliding door and it has geometrical shapes.

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The desk area consists of a table supported by metallic slides and dresser; the bookshelves are developed like a module, with doors and funny geometrical holes. Everything is young, modern and pleasant and it is under a famous name, Fiaba Collection. All the boxes around the room prove good organizational skills, but the perfect match of the colors gives the charm of the room.

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Everything seems to be created especially for this room, no matter it is the choice of the carpet, the three pink chairs or the toys on the shelves, every little thing contributes to the general atmosphere that is inviting and pleasant. This blueberry universe seems to be the perfect solution for any girl and this is the conclusion no matter in which corner of this space you look.