A beautifully restored loft in a former garage building from Brescia

This beautiful loft measures 2,690 square feet (250 square meters). It’s an impressive space and not only in terms of size but also in terms of architecture and interior design. What’s also interesting about the loft is the fact that it’s located in a building that used to be a garage. The building is located in an industrial district in the town of Brescia, Italy.

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The flat is called “Loft Sangervasio” and has been recently restored. It has been designed by architecture studio Massimo Adiansi Architetto. The new design is definitely more modern and functional. As for the architecture, the architects tried to preserve as much as possible from the original details as to respect the history of the building. Initially a garage, the space is not unrecognizable. Major changes have been made to both the internal structure of the building and the interior design.

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The restoration focused on using materials such as wood, brick, iron and stone, elements that have an industrial touch and are perfect for reflecting the building’s history. At the same time, they were used to create a modern and inviting interior. The wooden floors were made from old wine oak barrels and they have great character. Among the most interesting elements of the new design we can mention the splendid spiral staircase as well as the brick walls and the ceilings.