A beautiful duplex residence in Minsk featuring a loft-like interior

Whenever you start a project there’s the pressure and the tendency of falling into the monotony of following the same lines and the same prototype as everyone else. For example, there are some predefined characteristics that define a cottage, a country house, an apartment, a loft or a private residence. But you don’t have to let yourself be drawn towards them just because everyone else does. You need to have the courage to break the rules and to create something unique. It’s exactly what Russian designer Uglyanitsa Alexander did when creating this beautiful residence.

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Located in Minsk, Belarus, this residence has a very familiar internal structure and design that reminds us of a very different type of home. These are elements specific to loft apartments. A loft is usually the upper storey or the attic of a building, the space directly under the roof. A loft apartment is best defined as a large open space with an adaptable structure, often converted for residential use from some other type of building such as an industrial space or factory.

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This duplex, however, was a project designed for residential use from the start. It was only the atmosphere and décor that was borrowed from the loft. The residence has high ceilings, an open plan living area with floor-to-ceiling windows and panoramic views of the surroundings, a beautiful angled roof that gives the rooms a very cozy and inviting look and a series of industrial style details such as the exposed pipes, the brick walls, the metal railing, the staircase and some other accent details.

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Overall, this is a very interesting home with a unique style and a very nice combination of colors, textures and influences. The result is an inviting, cozy and familiar atmosphere that makes you think you’re in a loft until you take a look out the large windows.