A 55 sqm attic apartment with a fresh Scandinavian interior

Attic apartment have something special that you can’t really get anywhere else. It’s mostly because of the location and the fact that all you have above you is the roof, about the fact that you can admire all the beautiful views from your windows and sometimes also because of the shape of the roof, the beams and the flexibility you have when organizing and decorating the interior. This coziness can’t even be destroyed by cold colors such as white.

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This attic apartment covers an area of 55 square meters and this allowed its owner to come up with a great interior décor. The choice was a Scandinavian interior dominated by simplicity. The background is white as in the case of most similar designs. However, instead of going all minimalist, this apartment features a rather colorful décor. It’s filled with colorful accent pieces that create a refreshing and stylish overall look.

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The angled ceilings create a sense of warmth and coziness and result in a very inviting atmosphere, despite the simplicity and coldness of the décor. All the accent pieces feature bold and vivid colors and they don’t exactly share a theme. However, they all contribute to an overall dynamic and balanced interior décor. What’s also beautiful is the way everything complements everything else. The lighting fixtures are delicate and stylish and the decorations are simple but very well chosen.