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26 Christmas Presents For Mom. Time To Get Crafty

Gifts are more meaningful is they’re handmade because they are truly unique and, in the case of a DIY project, because they’re created and customized specifically with the recipient in mind. So what better way to show your appreciation for your mom this Christmas than with a handcrafted gift that you made just for her? As it’s often the case, it’s not about the cost or even about looks. The fact that you made the gift yourself will be priceless and all the imperfections will become symbols of love and beauty. All that being said, what could you gift a mom? Well, it depends on the mom but we have a few ideas that are hard to resist, no matter who your mom is.

Unless you have a very specific idea in mind that would be suited for your mom in particular, racking your brains trying to come up with something can turn out to only be a waste of time. We suggest choosing your Christmas presents for her based on something a bit more general. For instance, most moms bake delicious cakes and if yours is one of them then she’ll love a custom cake stand. Show her that she’s as sweet as the cakes she makes with a unique, handmade gift for which you only need a few simple supplies.

Snow globes are universally cute and charming and that makes them one of the best options when it comes to Christmas presents for mom. We’re not talking about the snow globes you find in stores but about one which you can craft yourself from scratch. It could be nice to put in an item that holds a special meaning for your mom although the very idea of a handmade snow globe could be enough to send the right message.

What about scented candles? They’re nice Christmas presents for girls in general and if your mom likes them you could use this opportunity to offer her some one-of-a-kind ones made with her favorite scents and colors. As it turns out, making striped Christmas candles is pretty easy. You just need some small glass jars, soy wax flakes, candle wicks, essential oils, crayon bits and glue.

For some reason, moms love plants and turn their homes into indoor gardens. If this sounds like something your mom would do, then check out these basket wall planters. They’re easy to make and you can make as many as you want, as little or as big as you want them to be. Go check out your mom’s collection of plants before you start to see which ones would be suited for these planters or which type of plants she likes so you know what to gift her.

Is your mom the practical type? Not everyone likes things that are purely decorative and, in that case, you need to adjust your strategy when picking Christmas presents. No worries though. There are plenty of useful things you can craft…like this wall organizer made out of mason jars, a wooden board and some leather straps. It looks chic and it can be used in lots of different ways and spaces. For instance, it can be added to the bathroom, the kitchen or the entryway.

A basket is lovely gift idea, especially if your mom likes to knit or if she has a hobby for which she needs a storage container. Of course, buying a basket is easy so you’ll have to make something special if you want it to really show your mom how much you love her. No need to go overboard with this. A simple stitched heart on the basket would be enough so go ahead and get some yarn and a needle. Throw some spools of yarn into the basket as well. After all, offering someone an empty basket is not exactly impressive.

We’re not the type to just assume things about people but chances are that your mom spends a bit of time in the kitchen, cooking delicious meals. She’ll definitely appreciate receiving some stylish pot holders as a Christmas present. It’s something so simple and so basic that you can’t really go wrong with it. To make something like this you’ll need fabric so perhaps you can find some in a pattern that your mom likes or in her favorite color.

Wall clocks…hardly anyone has them in their homes these days. It’s actually the fact that they’re not longer as useful as they used to be that makes them special nowadays which means they can also be cool gifts. Would your mom love a modern wall clock for her home? You could make her one out of wood and you could customize it in all sorts of nice ways.

Customized wooden utensils are lovely Christmas gifts and moms are the perfect subjects. There are various different ways in which you can make these. You can dip the handles in paint and you can also glue ornaments on them. It doesn’t have to be spoons or kitchen utensils. If your mom likes to paint, maybe you could gift her some brushes.

You can never have too many pillows, especially when they’re all special and meaningful in some way. What we’re trying to say is that you can pretty much be certain that your mom would appreciate getting a custom pillow as a gift, especially if it’s something you made or customized yourself. A simple tassel pillow would be a lovely idea. To make that, you’ll need a pillowcase, a pillow that fits inside, some colored yarn, a needle and thread.

Give your mom a stylish candle holder as a Christmas gift and she could use it as a table centerpiece for the winter holidays and then as a decoration for the shelf or mantel. You can make a candle holder out of a thick tree branch. You’ll need a drill and a suitable drill bit, tea lights, paint, sandpaper and some lacquer or polyurethane finish. It’s a very simple project and plenty of ways in which you can make it special just for your mom.

Here’s something else you could make for the Christmas family dinner, a gift which can then be reused lots of times: walnut veneer chargers. It may not sound like something special but we think that it’s the simple things that make life more beautiful and enjoyable. Curious what you’d need for such a project? Not much…just some walnut wood veneer, sandpaper, adhesive, some paint and a bit of lacquer. Of course, you’ll also need a saw to cut the veneer with.

For the modern mom that keeps up with the latest technological improvements, we suggest a custom-made iPad stand. You could make one out of copper pipes. This is actually something you could craft for yourself as well. Check out our tutorial to find the full list of supplies that you’ll need for this craft and keep in mind that you can always personalize your crafts so consider using some paint or making this gift special in a different manner.

What about something decorative? Surely your mom would love to have something to look at which can remind her of you. A tassel wall hanging decoration could be just the project you’re looking for. It’s easy to make and it’s the type of ornament which makes homes feel cozy, especially in winter. Here’s what you’ll need for this project: a wooden dowel, some chunky yarn, standard yarn, white yarn and scissors.

There are plenty of ways to mix looks with function, much like these glittered wine glasses do. A set of personalized glasses is a wonderful idea for a Christmas gift and someone your mom could share with those she loves. Of course, not everyone is a fan of glitter but you can replace it with simple paint if you prefer something less sparkly. If you want you could also tape to make a striped design.

Storage baskets are always practical and you can use this as inspiration for this year’s Christmas present for mom (or for someone else you hold special). Decorate the basket with colorful pom-poms made of yarn. You could make them in different colors and sizes and then cluster them all together at the front side of the basket using thin floral wire. Of course, you can choose to place them in a different manner. Think of this pom-pom basket as a source of inspiration.

You don’t need to know how to knit to make a planter cozy although this could be an opportunity to ask your mom to teach you the technique so you can make this from scratch. For now, let’s stick with the easier version: a sweater planter cover. To make it, you’ll need an old sweater, a pot (preferably a cylindrical one), a sewing machine (or a needle and thread) and pins. Don’t forget about the soil and the plant.

Offering someone a bunch of cork trivets may not seem like much but this is actually the type of gift that you get to appreciate every day simply because it’s so useful and practical. Still, you should make it special. After all, your mom is a very special person. Make the trivets yourself. Cut them out of cork sheets or a cork roll in whatever shape you want. You could, for instance, make some leaf-shaped cork trivets like these ones.

Terrariums are great gifts. They’re fun and easy to make and there’s an infinity of ways in which you can personalize them. How would you like to offer your mom one as a Christmas present. You have to put it all together yourself otherwise it wouldn’t hold any special meaning. You can put in a few pebbles, some soil and a small plant or you can decorate it with moss and tiny ornaments. You can also make a geometric wooden base for your terrarium.

Does your mom already have a jewelry stand? If she doesn’t, you could make one and give to her as a Christmas present. There’s a lovely copper pipe jewelry stand that we featured a while ago and it would be the perfect project for this occasion. It’s relatively easy to make and you can give it any shape you want or make it as big or as small as you want, depending on the size of your mom’s jewelry collection.

Not a fan of working with copper pipes? Then how about a tree branch jewelry holder? It’s an even easier project than the one before. The most important part is finding a suitable branch. It has to have the right size and shape. Clean it, pre-drill the holes for the screws and spray paint it. You can also decorate it with some colored yarn or with washi tape.

Since we started discussing jewelry holders, let’s check out one more. This time it’s something quite different than what we mentioned so far: a spice rack turned into a jewelry holder. The idea is ingenious and perhaps even perfect for the Christmas gift you had in mind. To make this, you’ll need a Bekvam spice rack from IKEA, some small hooks, spray paint and a drill.

We talked about some interesting ways in which you can customize a planter but what if you were to actually make the planters yourself? That could be a cool gift to impress your mom with. You could make some lovely geometric planters out of wood and they’d be great for air plants. start with some wooden blocks and a drill with a large drill bit. You’ll also need some sandpaper, a saw and some paint in various colors. Don’t forget the plants.

Coasters – another universally great gift which can be made special in tons of great ways. Check out these felt ball coasters. Aren’t they adorable and simply perfect as a Christmas present? To make one of these things you need 19 balls of wool felt, each 2 cm in diameter, some heavy-duty thread and a large needle. Mix and match various colors to create beautiful combos.

We can think of at least three ways in which you can make this gift special. We’re talking about an embroidered map. It’s a very personal gift which you can share with your mom or someone special this Christmas. You can personalize it with the locations that the person you’re offering this to visited over the years, with the route of a great vacation that they shared with you or with the route of a future vacation which you’re planning for her or the entire family some time in the future.

Another great way to show your mom how much she means to you is with handcrafted wall art, like a painting or a collage you made yourself. Need some inspiration with that? How about this pineapple wall art piece? It’s colorful, funky and pretty special. If pineapples aren’t exactly relevant in your case, look for other ideas which you can use to make something similar.

Right you probably have a pretty good of what your next Christmas gift for your mom will be so you should get all the supplies ready and start crafting. Make sure you make it look presentable when you’re done? Do you know how to wrap a gift or even how to make a bow? Surprisingly, there are many more options than you probably imagine so go ahead and check some. It doesn’t have to look perfect. Just like the gift, it should be all you.

Fancy And Inventive DIY Decorations for a Merry Christmas

I don’t know about you but we’re very anxious to start decorating for Christmas. This year we’re trying something DIY-inspired. We found all these great project ideas and we’re going to try most of them. The décor will surely be charming and full of character in a cute and cuddly way. Have a look at our suggestions and maybe you’ll find something that you too would like to try this Christmas.

DIY Edible Snow Globe

Snow globes aren’t as trendy as they used to be and this actually makes them that much more adorable. To make a snow globe ornament, you can try several different strategies. For example, use a cup or a vase and fill it halfway with sugar. Then add a small gingerbread house and some sugar-coated candy to make an edible decoration. {found on brit}.

Reindeer pinatas for Christmas

Pinatas are always fun and for Christmas you could make some pinatas shaped like reindeer. There’s a nice tutorial about this on Asubtlerevelry. The materials needed include a donkey pinata or one with a similar shape, crepe paper, tissue paper, a hot glue gun, fringe scissors, cardboard and a pom pom for the nose.

Pom poms christmas Tree

Pom poms of various different sizes and made from various materials can be put together to make an unconventional and very cute Christmas tree decoration. You could make it look a lot like the one on Sugarandcloth. For that you’ll need a glue gun, a metal tomato cage, paper pom poms and other similar things such as balloons.

Wooden christmas tree decorations

Whether you choose a real Christmas tree, a faux one or something entirely different as a focal point for this Christmas’s décor, that’s up to you although we do have a few suggestions regarding the ornaments. You should definitely check out Sayyes to see how to make custom ornaments out of wooden balls. You’ll be needing masking tape, acrylic paint in several different colors, a paintbrush, a drill, mini screw eyes and ribbon.

Alternative for Christmas Tree

We definitely love real Christmas trees. They have that awesome smell that makes the whole house smell like Christmas. However, it takes up a bunch of space that some of us just don’t have. If you’re in this situation then you could look for alternatives, like this space-saving version made of copper pipes and green fringe. It’s a simple project and you can find its description on Brit.

Christmas tree cactus

Have you ever decorated a Christmas cactus? Sure, it sounds like an odd thing to do but it can be a fun alternative when there’s not enough space for an actual Christmas tree or if you simply want to try something different for a change. It can either be a real cactus or a faux one and you can decorate it with pom pom trim and felt balls. It’s all described in more detail on Sugarandcloth.

Bottle Brush Christmas Trees

Bottle brush trees are quite trendy right now. You’ve probably seen a bunch of colorful ones and you thought they look really cute. But could you do something similar if you wanted? Well, since it’s all pretty simple, I’d say that the answer should be yes. All you’d need is the trees, some bleach, rubber gloves and fabric dye in the desired colors. You should probably also get a bucket for this project. {found on abeautifulmess}.

bottle brush Christmas trees colorful

After you’ve dyed your bottle brush Christmas trees it’s time to put them on display. You could use them to make a pretty table décor. Check out the suggestions offered on Cocokelley. You could display the trees on the table and put some fake snow around them, maybe even add a garland.

DIY sequin letter design for Christmas

Speaking of garlands, we found this glamorous design for a DIY sequin letter design on Abeautifulmess and it could be worth a try if you like the sparkle. To make the garland you’re going to need some cardboard, a hot glue gun, metallic cord trim and stretch sequin gold trim. We’ll be honest: this will take a while so find a movie to watch while you work.

Giant Snowflake DIY

If you want something to display on your wall, perhaps that something could be a snowflake marquee ornament like the one featured on Abeautifulmess. Something like this can be crafted using battery-operated LED lights, a snowflake template, a drill, duct tape and a wood board. You’ll probably also need a jigsaw to cut the wood unless you can improvise in some other way.

Gold Leaf Holiday Christmas Tree Ornaments

Sure, it’s fun to try new things and to replace your old and outdated Christmas ornaments with new ones. Still, what if you’re attached to your old ornaments? You could keep them and still give them a new look this Christmas. Try the gold leaf project featured on DIYs. For ornaments as glamorous as those ones you need a gold leaf kit, some ornaments, assorted paintbrushes and foam brushes, acrylic craft paint and a plastic cup.

Mini wreath for Christmas Tree

There are plenty of cute and interesting ornaments you could make. One of them is this mini wreath that we found on DIYs. To make it you need a tiny pine garland, 3’’ metal rings, string, jump rings and charms. Wrap the garland around a metal hoop and then attach a jump ring and hang a charm with some string.

Scandinavian Christmas Tree

If you want to try something a bit more rustic, check out the wooden ornaments featured on Ideas.Sewandso. To make something similar you’ll need a thick wooden branch, some embroidery yarn in different colors, a sewing needle, thread or ribbon, a saw and a drill. Cut the branch into slices. Drill holes in each one along a sketched design and then thread yarn through them. Hang them with ribbon or thread.

Blue Stockings for Christmas

If you have a fireplace mantel, you could hang some stockings to create that rustic charming ambiance that makes Christmas a favorite holiday. Can’t find a design that you like? Customize your own canvas stockings and make them look unique. You’ll need dye, cookie cutters and candle wax. The result is described on Brit.

Hexagon Advent Calendar

Do you like advent calendars? We think they’re cute and fun and we especially like the ones that have funky modern designs. There’s this geometric one that we found on Ohhappyday. To make one just like it you’ll need a template, a printer, glossy photo paper, 24 mini hexagon boxes, scissors, wood sticker paper, double-sided tape and treats.

HoneyComb Chrismtmas Tree

When you’re living in a small apartment, there’s hardly enough room or the basics and seasonal or occasional things such as a Christmas tree just don’t fit. But don’t be sad because you can still welcome the spirit of Christmas into your home just in a different manner. One of the suggested ideas is to make a honeycomb tree like the one on Studiodiy. All you need is a wall or some other surface on which to display it.

Oversized Christmas Garland

On the other hand, if you’re living in a large loft apartment or a house with more than one level, then you have plenty of room for a Christmas and a bunch of other great decorations like this oversized garland which you can use to decorate the staircase with. You can make the garland yourself out of colored paper. Check out Thehousethatlarsbuilt for more inspiration.

Wooden Christmas Tree

Of course, there’s also the option to put the Christmas tree outside. If you already have one growing in your yard or garden you could just decorate that but otherwise you’ll have to improvise. How about this wooden tree featured on Oneartsymama? It’s pretty easy to make and you can paint it and decorate it however you want.

Origami Christmas Tree Decorations

Obviously, you could just get a small tree or even a branch if you want to save space but still get to enjoy that unique aroma of Christmas. If you make it look festive that can turn out to be a wonderful idea. You could make some paper decorations like these lovely stars and bows featured on Hungryheart. Actually, you can use these in lots of other ways too.

Mini Trees DIY

We’re aware that bottlebrush trees are hot and trendy right now and we found an interesting idea related to that on Sayyes. These are miniature Christmas trees made out of wood slices and evergreen trimmings. Drill a hole in each wood slice, big enough for the branch to fit in. Then glue the two together. You can now decorate these mini trees, use them as decorations or as gift toppers.

Christmas Lights In Bottle

Since we mentioned them, let’s have a look at another DIY project that uses battery-operated string lights. This time they’re used to make lovely lanterns. If you like the idea, you could make something similar out of some glass bottles and LED string lights. You’ll also need a drill, a dremel and a diamond hole saw. Find out what to do with them from the tutorial on eHow.

Marque Christmas Tree

Marquee signs have this dramatic and theatrical look that always makes them stand out. You can use that to your advantage to make an eye-catching decoration. It could be something similar like a Christmas tree and you could follow the tutorial on Thesweetestoccasion to make it look like and pretty.

Noel Santa Hat

We also found another lovely way to decorate your walls or fireplace mantel. You could use wooden or cardboard letters and a wreath to create this Noel decoration that’s featured on Craftpassion. Feel free to paint the letters or to decorate them however you want. The same goes for the wreath which could wear a cute Santa hat.

Decorate the Chairs for Christmas Party-Dinner

In case you’re planning a Christmas dinner with your loved ones, you should also think of decorating the dining room. A centerpiece for the table is in order and you could also decorate the chairs. Use wide ribbon and holiday sprigs to make some simple but very elegant ornaments just like the ones one Creativeinchicago.

Crate Christmas Tree - Alternative

As you know, there are lots of alternatives you can try if you don’t want to put up a Christmas tree this year. Some are quite abstract and outside the box. We found this quirky idea that suggests using wine crates to make a Christmas tree. Basically you need six boxes which you can use as shelves. It’s all described on Itsprettynice.

Merry Christmas! 

Mini Christmas Trees Packed With Joy And Cheerfulness

The reasons to avoid having a large Christmas tree can be really diverse. Most often, we avoid large trees because of the lack of space. Other times we just like smaller trees because they’re cute. In any case, mini Christmas trees are a real and very suitable option not just for tiny apartments but also for any space that could use a dose of cheerfulness in its décor.

Mini Christmas Tree Stand

You’ve probably familiar with those small faux Christmas trees. They’re very practical and really cute and the same thing can be said about small living trees. But a problem remains: they don’t usually come with a matching stand so how should we display them? Well, we can improvise and turn a galvanized bucket into a mini tree stand. Check out Madincrafts to find out how.

Tree Branch Christmas

If you don’t want a big Christmas tree or if you simply don’t have room for one in your home, you could just be happy with a fir tree branch. You could put it in a vase and decorate it with a few lovely red ribbon bows. This design on Hungryheart actually looks pretty festive despite the simplicity.

Painted grain sack burlap vase

A bouquet of fir tree branches can make a lovely little Christmas tree replacement. You can highlight its beauty with a burlap cover for the stand. You could make it out of a grain sack If you think the sack looks too simple, paint some stripes on it. You’ll need some tape, paint and a foam brush. It’s an idea that we found on Thecasualcraftlete.

Mini Christmas Tree Burlap

You could also just take a piece of burlap and just wrap it around the base of a tiny fir tree or some branches. You could fill the sack with rice to make it heavy so it stands up straight. This idea works well for really small trees or branches which you can display on the mantel or on a shelf. {found on pinterest}.

Hanging Mini Christmas Tree

The most fun part about the Christmas tree is getting to put up all those ornaments and cute decorations that you save each year. Using that logic, you could skip the tree altogether and just use the ornaments. Arrange them all in the shape of a tree and this can become the focal point of your living room wall. {found on sayyes}.

Small pot Christmas Tree

If you’re taking the mini tree idea seriously, then you’re also expecting some really small tree designs and ideas. We’re not going to disappoint you so let’s have a look at some really cute and really small trees that fit inside small pots. Actually, the pots are the focus of the project featured on Themerrythought. If you like the design, you can make something similar using white acrylic paint, brown or black paint, tape and a paint brush. The trees are dwarf alberta spruce.

Advent Calendar Mini Trees

Since these trees are most popular during Christmas, you might as well use some faux ones. Bottlebrush trees are really trendy at the moment so perhaps you’d like to use some in your own home décor. It would be fun to also make an advent calendar using bottlebrush trees and tags. You could paint them each a different color. {found on we-are-scout}.

Mini pinecones Christmas Trees

Pine cones look a little bit like Christmas trees so it might be interesting to use this resemblance in a practical manner and to turn a bunch of pine cones into cute little mini trees. You can do that with some acrylic paint and if you want you can even decorate them with beads and tiny ornaments. It’s an idea that we found on Alldaychic.

styrofoam mini christmas Trees

If you cover a styrofoam cone in green moss it will look like a miniature Christmas tree. It would be a fairly simple project. To complete it, insert a branch into the bottom of the cone to form the trunk of the tree and pot it in a tiny jar or flower pot which you can also cover with moss or paint.

Felt Christmas Tree with Concrete Base

If you want, you could make some really cute felt trees which you can reuse year after year. Use green felt, a stick for the trunk of the tree, a tree template and glue. The stand which holds the tree can be crafted out of concrete. You can find all the necessary instructions for the project on Wonderwood.

Christmas trees mugs

There’s really no point in getting an entire Christmas tree when you don’t even have space for it or if all you want is a little bit of that magical smell in your home and to feel the texture of the leaves/ needles. It would be much more practical not to mention cheaper to just grab a few cuttings and to display them in a pot. Use a jar, an old cup or pretty much anything else you can find.

Mini Coastal Christmas Tree

Tired of the same old and common Christmas tree ornaments? Perhaps you could try something themed this year. We found a lovely idea on Findingsilverpennies and it’s just wonderful for a miniature tree. To get this coastal-inspired look, use shells, star fish and sea horses as decorations.

Paint a mini christmas Tree

There are plenty of other ways to customize a mini Christmas tree. For example, you could paint it to give it a snowy look. Here are the required supplies: a small artificial tree, white spray paint, metallic acrylic paint and a small brush. Apply a coat of spray paint and then paint the tips metallic gold. You can actually choose any other colors or simply let the tree be all white. {found on designimprovised}

Scandinavian Mini Tree

Of course, a simple approach can also work. Instead of worrying about the little details and trying to come up with something unique for the Christmas tree décor, you could just get a mini tree and out in a wooden box. Decorate it with a few vintage ornaments and let this be your centerpiece or use it as an accent piece for the home.

Brown Paper Christmas Tree

Similarly, you could cover the pot or the container which holds your mini Christmas tree with a brown paper bag or a burlap sack. It would look like the one featured on 100decors. This tree, however, also has some charming ornaments. Those were made out of clay. You can make some too and for that you’ll need cookie cutters.

Mini Tabletop Christmas Tree

Usually it’s not just about the ornaments, the size of the tree, the colors or the textures. The beauty comes from a harmonious combination of all these things. Even when working with tiny trees or with branches and trimmings, you can still follow the same guidelines. Check out Rosyscription for a little bit of inspiration with this.

Fresh mini trees

Aren’t these tiny Christmas trees just wonderful? They look so charming too. The really great part is that they’re really easy to make. You just need some tree trimmings, a few wooden slices or discs, a drill and a hot glue gun. Drill a hole at the center of each disc and glue the trimmings in. You can then decorate the trees if you want. {found on sayyes}.

Cabinet pull christmas trees

Remember those weeble wobble toys that used to be popular some time ago? They were pretty fun. Well, these mini Christmas trees featured on Ialwayspickthethumble are a bit like that. To make them you need cabinet pills that have center screw holes. If you use really flat ones, the trees won’t wobble.

Drift Wood Mini Christmas Tree

Not all Christmas trees are actual trees. In fact, if you want to save space and to be original at the same time, you can pick one of the many interesting alternatives. For example, build a tree out of twigs and branches. Start with four twigs arranged in the form of a square. Continue with another layer positioned as shown on Spalvotasdryzuotas.

Lighted Canvas Christmas Tree

And speaking of string lights, we have another stylish DIY project that you can try this Christmas. The materials needed include a canvas, some battery-powered string lights, chalkboard or black spray paint and gold thumbtacks. Find the step by step instructions on Asweetafternoon. Of course, you can personalize the design in any way you want so feel free to make adjustments.

Simple and Modern DIYs: Scandinavian Christmas Tree Ornaments

There’s something almost tangible about the warm, homey feel of Scandinavian Christmas décor. Its simple, organic nature just seems to exude the feeling we all want during the holiday season. What luck, then, that we can DIY some of that natural Scandinavian sweetness into our own Christmas tree ornaments.

DIY Scandinavian Wooden Ornaments

DIY Homemade Scandinavian Wooden Ornaments

This article will demonstrate how to make four different kinds of modern Scandinavian Christmas tree ornaments. The first two are similar and involve wooden balls. One incorporates wooden beads to make ornament wreaths. And the last uses string and chipboard to make Christmas tree ornaments.

DIY Scandinavian Wooden Ornaments Craft

We sincerely hope you enjoy slowing down and enjoying the simpler things this Christmas season. Perhaps these ornaments will help to that end.

Creating Scandinavian Christmas Ornaments

Scandinavian White + Wooden Ball Ornaments

Scandinavian White + Wooden Ball Ornaments - materials

Materials Needed:

  • 1” wooden balls (not beads; beads include pre-drilled holes, and you don’t want those)
  • Tiny screw eyes
  • White acrylic paint
  • Foam brush
  • String/thread for hanging ornaments
  • Drill w/ tiny drill bit, thumbtack, and small disposable dipping bowl

DIY Scandinavian Wooden Ornaments - drilling a small hole

Begin by drilling a small hole into your wooden ball. My smallest drill bit was slightly too big for the screw eyes, so I went just deep enough to give the screw eye a good start.

DIY Scandinavian Wooden Ornament - thick thumb tack

Within that drilled start, I placed a thick thumb tack to puncture the rest of the hole for the screw eye. (You might find it easier to simply purchase a tiny drill bit. But if you’re too lazy to change out of your pajamas to run to the hardware store, the drill bit/thumb tack route might be the way for you to go, too.)

DIY Scandinavian Wooden Ornaments - Gently grip the screw eye

Gently grip the screw eye with some pliers, and screw it into the hole you’ve prepared. I emphasize “gently,” because these tiny screw eyes can separate from their screw bases if torqued too hard with the pliers.

DIY Scandinavian Wooden Ornaments - Screw

Screw the screw eye all the way down so the bottom of the eye touches the surface of the wooden ball.

DIY Scandinavian Wooden Ornaments - repeating process

Repeat for as many ornaments as you’re planning on making.

DIY Scandinavian Wooden Ornaments - dip paint

Now it’s time to color block the ornaments. Pour some white acrylic paint into a small, narrow disposable container. Make sure the paint is deep enough that you can get as much color blocking onto your ornament as you want. Grab the ornament and dip it however you want.

create as clean of a circumference

The object is to create as clean of a circumference line as you can. In other words, the edge of the white part should be as straight and even as possible.

DIY Scandinavian Wooden Ornaments - let it dry

Place your ornament, paint side up, on some old papers.

DIY Scandinavian Wooden Ornaments - hang them fro drying

Another way you can dry these is to hang them on a wire…or even your drill bit. Just try not to let the white paint touch anything and smear.

DIY Scandinavian Wooden Ornaments - process for all your wooden ornaments

Repeat the process for all your wooden ornaments. If you pull the ornament up out of the paint and find too much paint, use your foam brush to wipe any excess drips away. Just be sure to avoid the circumference paint line if at all possible.

DIY Scandinavian Wooden Ornaments - add string

When they’re all completely dry, cut 5”-6” of string, thread, yarn, or whatever you want, thread it through the screw eyes, and tie.

DIY Scandinavian Wooden Ornaments - hang

All done! They look so sweet.

DIY Scandinavian Wooden Ornaments - Hang in Tree

I just love these wooden and white ornaments in all their Scandinavian simplicity.

DIY Scandinavian Wooden Ornaments - with copper

Copper, White, & Wooden Ball Ornaments

DIY Scandinavian Wooden Ornaments - prepare the copper paint

Before you add the threads, take some of your wooden + white ball ornaments and set them aside. We’re going to add a gorgeous copper element to them. The only thing you’ll need for this tutorial that’s different than the previous tutorial is, of course, copper acrylic paint.

DIY Scandinavian Wooden Ornaments - add in a plastic mug the copper paint

Pour some copper paint into your small, narrow, disposable plastic container. (Tip: I recommend narrow containers because it wastes less paint; ideally, your container would be just millimeters wider than your ball, so there’s not tons of excess around the sides each time you dip a ball.)

DIY Scandinavian Wooden Ornaments - start painting with copper

Taking into account where the white color block is (and even where any unevenness or smudges along the white paint circumference might be, so you can hide them), dip your wooden ornaments again, this time into the copper paint.

DIY Scandinavian Wooden Ornaments - let them dry

Set them aside, and let the copper paint dry completely.

Cut and thread your hanging string

Cut and thread your hanging string (or whatever you’re using) through the screw eye, and tie.

DIY Scandinavian Wooden Ornaments - Copper touch

All done!

DIY Scandinavian Wooden Ornaments ready to hang

I really love the boost that copper gives, in a lovely organic way, to these simple ornaments.

DIY Scandinavian Wooden Ornaments - mini wreath

Scandinavian Wooden Bead Wreath Ornaments

Scandinavian Wooden Bead Wreath Ornaments

For this simple DIY ornament project, you’ll need some bracelet memory wire (which is wire that’s coiled, so it retains its round shape). This example uses 0.025” (or 0.655mm) round “large bracelet” memory wire. Use wire cutters to cut a full circle with about 1/2″ overlap. You can err on cutting it too long, if you’d like, because you can always trim it down later.

Using some roundnose jewelry pliers

Using some roundnose jewelry pliers, twist one end of your wreath into a tight circle.

Thread your wooden beads

Thread your wooden beads (this example uses 16mm beads) onto the other side of your memory wire.

Add as many beads as you want

Add as many beads as you want until you have enough on the wire to make a tight wreath. Leave at least 1/2″ on the end of your wire so you can create the second loop.

use your round nose pliers

For this second loop, use your round nose pliers to create a circle, but create this one perpendicular to the first loop. Here is where you’ll trim off any excess memory wire.

This photo illustrates the different loop

This photo illustrates the different loop directions. If it helps, think of one as vertical and the other as horizontal.

DIY Scandinavian Wooden Ornaments - Loop

You should have two loops ready to hook together.

Hook the loops together

Hook the loops together, then pinch down on them with needle nose pliers.

simple wooden wreath ornament

Viola! A beautifully simple wooden wreath ornament.

DIY Scandinavian Wooden Ornaments For a Beautiful Decor

These ornaments are lovely. They are a little more visual, simply because they’re bigger, than the wooden ball ornaments we did previously.

Decorating the Christmas with a Swedish Flair

Their raw wooden Scandinavian appeal is a perfect complement to almost any Christmas tree decoration.

DIY Scandinavian Wooden Ornaments - mini wreath on tree

Who doesn’t love a mini wooden wreath?!

Scandinavian String Tree Ornaments

Scandinavian String Tree Ornaments

Scandinavian String Tree Ornaments Materials

Materials Needed:

  • Light cardboard (such as chipboard or cereal box cardboard)
  • Scissors or paper cutter
  • Embroidery floss
  • Glue dots
  • Double sided permanent tape (such as photo tape)
  • White acrylic paint + foam brush

cutting your chipboard

Begin by cutting your chipboard to the height of tree you want. This example shows trees that are 5-1/2” tall and 1-3/4” along the bottom. Because my chipboard was the size of standard paper (8-1/2”x11”), I simply cut a piece of chipboard in half.

DIY String Tree Ornaments - measure and paint

Next, measure and mark every 1-3/4” along one long side of your chipboard (as shown by the top of this photo). Then, starting from the same end, measure and mark 7/8” in from the other long side of the chipboard, then 1-3/4” after that. If you don’t have a paper cutter, use a ruler to draw lines for diagonals (as shown by the dotted lines).

DIY String Tree Ornaments - cutting the board

Slide your chipboard into your paper cutter, line up the markings to create diagonals for the triangular tree shape, and cut.

minimalist modern triangular Christmas

Turn the paper to align the tip marking with the other base marking, then cut. You should have a minimalist modern triangular Christmas tree shape. (Feel free to tweak the dimensions however you want, to suit what you like.)

many chipboard Christmas trees

Continue cutting in this way until you have as many chipboard Christmas trees cut out as you want. Or double the number you want. Because you’re indecisive like that.

many chipboard Christmas trees shaped lay

Lay your triangles out onto some old papers that can be painted on. (Hello, Ikea catalog. You continue to be good to me.) Throw some white acrylic paint onto a disposable surface, grab your foam brush, and lightly paint the tree triangles.

Scandinavian String Tree Ornaments - acrylic paint

You don’t want to use so much paint that it starts to warp or wrinkle your chipboard. Let the paint dry completely, then flip over all the tree triangles and paint the backs. Let these dry completely as well.

With your white chipboard trees

With your white chipboard trees dry, it’s time to start stringing your ornaments. Grab your double sided permanent photo tape, and stick it on your trees.

apply it on the edge

Because you don’t need a ton of tape, you can apply it on the edge so half will go on one side of the triangle, and half will go on the other after folding it over.

folding the tape over the sides

You can lay out your tape however you want, but I found it most effective to do all the edges (folding the tape over the sides) and down the middle. (Shown in a highly visually effective diagram in red on this photo.)

Christmas tree string add rope

Next, cut about 2” worth of white string, clear fishing line, or whatever you are planning on using for the ornament hook. Fold the string in half, and stick the ends onto the tape on the tip of your tree so a loop sticks out the top.

Scandinavian String Tree Ornaments - start wrapping

Next, apply a glue dot on one side of your tree at the point where you want the base color of your tree to transition to the white snowy tip. Stick the end of your white floss onto part of the glue dot (try not to cover the whole thing up, because you’ll need to stick two other ends of floss onto this piece as well), then start wrapping parallel to your tree base.

Scandinavian String Tree Ornaments - wrapping the string

Wrap around and around, taking care to check both sides to make sure your floss is aligned, even, and straight. Try not to touch any exposed tape on the base of the tree if you can. Periodically, every four or five wraps, press the wrapped floss onto the tape beneath it to secure it in place.

DIY String Tree Ornaments - White String

You can wrap the floss quite tightly together here, or you can leave spaces. With the white floss, I found it more efficient (and equally pretty) to leave the slightest gaps between floss wraps.

DIY String Tree Ornaments With a Swedish Flair

When you get near the tip of your tree, continue wrapping and maintaining your flat, even lines. Wrap all the way up to the tip of the tree, even though it might be hard to see because it’s painted white, and your floss is white, and you’ve attached white string/floss there in a loop already.

DIY String Tree Ornaments Project

Once you hit the tip, begin backtracking in your wrapping down the tree. Only go about an inch or so down, then pause for a second.

DIY String Tree Ornaments - second layer of string

You’ll want to secure this second layer of floss. Do this by attaching a length of your photo tape down the tree, over your floss, and onto the bare base of the tree. Flip your triangle over, and apply tape down this side of your triangle as well.


DIY String Tree Ornaments top

With your two new pieces of tape attached to your first layer of floss, continue wrapping downward toward the base of your tree.

DIY String Tree Ornaments - attach your floss to the glue dot and cut it

When you get to your starting point (e.g., the glue dot), attach your floss to the glue dot and cut it.

DIY String Tree Ornaments - Tree design

You’re done with the top of your tree. Looks good!

DIY String Tree Ornaments - green

I hope you still have a little stickiness left on your glue dot, because this is where you’re going to attach the start of your tree’s base color of floss. Attach it, then wrap in the same way toward the base of your tree.

DIY String Tree Ornaments - add green rope

When you reach the base of your tree, pause for a minute. Again, you’ll want to secure the second layer of floss with some photo tape. Lay two pieces of photo tape from the very top of your base color (press the end of the tape underneath the last white floss wrap, if you can), around the base of the tree, and up the opposite side to the top of the base color on that side. Do this two or three times along your base color.

DIY String Tree Ornaments -wrapping your base color

Then continue wrapping your base color, this time from the very bottom of your tree upward toward the transition point.

DIY String Tree Ornaments Craft

When you get to the transition point, you should have a bit of base tape exposed. Cut your floss to end ever so slightly after the far side of this tape.

DIY String Tree Ornaments - Attach the end of your floss to the tape

Attach the end of your floss to the tape (each of the six strands, if possible), and press any ends underneath the wrapped floss.

DIY String Tree Ornaments - prepare to display

Done! It looks wonderful.

Cute DIY String Tree Ornaments

These simple string trees are awesome because they are so inherently minimalist-modern, with their slim triangular shape and color blocking.

DIY String Tree Ornaments - Decorating with mini trees

They look Scandinavian as well, due to the coloring and simple style.

Colorful Scandinavian mini Trees

I love the white tree tops combined with other “earthy” colors at the base. This is a nice way to vary the natural colors of other Scandinavian style ornaments without going too crazy.

DIY String Tree Ornaments Homemade

These would make a great homemade Christmas gift idea, too.

DIY String Tree Ornaments for Holiday

Here are some of the DIY Scandinavian ornaments, hanging in their natural habitat.

Swedish Christmas Tree Ornaments DIY

I can’t get enough of their modern, homey simplicity.

Merry Christmas.

Paper Pieced Christmas Tree Wall Art Tutorial

Piece together patterned paper to create beautiful wall art! Funky triangles in holiday patterned paper come together to create beautiful geometric wall art that’s perfect for Christmas decorating.

DIY Christmas Tree Wall Art

Christmas Tree Wall Art Materials

Supplies Used to Make this Project:

  • Unfinished Wood Pallet Art Board
  • Patterned paper in holiday colors
  • Hot glue gun
  • Tan Milk Paint

Step one: Paint the unfinished wood pallet board with a light colored paint. I wanted the wood finish to show through to maintain a rustic vibe, so I used a light tan colored milk paint. I only applied one thin layer of paint so the wood grain would still show in places.

Christmas Tree Wall Art Temple

Step two: Create a template for the tree.

  • Cut squares of paper in the following sizes:  2″, 2.5″, 3″, 3.5″, 4″.
  • Fold each square in half diagonally.
  • Cut a diagonal line slightly above the mid point of the triangle.
  • Open the cut piece and cut on the fold.

Christmas Tree Wall Art Arrange

Step three: The 5 triangles created in step two are now the templates for the tree design. Line them up on the board to make sure that you are happy with the sizes and shapes. Number the triangles 1-5.

Christmas Tree Wall Art Prepare for Glueing

Step four: Cut the triangles out from various colors of holiday patterned paper. It’s best to stick with small repetitive designs like dots and stripes. Cut six triangles from the smallest shape, and eight each from the other four shapes. Arrange the shapes on the board as pictured.

Christmas Tree Wall Art Materials Step 2

Step five: Begin attaching the paper pieces to the board, starting from the bottom layer of the tree. Start with the center piece, as pictured. Use a dot of hot glue near the center of the triangle to attach it to the board. Slide the next piece in under the one you just glued, and hold it in place with a dot of glue. Continue until the bottom layer is done.

Christmas Tree Wall Art DIY

Step six: Repeat step five with the next smaller triangles. Continue gluing the triangles in place until the tree is complete.

Project Christmas Tree Wall Art Materials

Once all the triangles are in place you can use more glue to attach them more securely if needed. This pretty paper pieced project is fun to look at. I love the unexpected geometric design, and it adds a pop of color to my rustic holiday decor!

Paper Christmas Tree Wall Art Materials

DIY Christmas Garlands That Put A Fresh Spin On Tradition

As popular and as common as garlands can be, they’re not for everyone. But don’t rush to consider garlands outdated and boring just yet. As you know, there’s usually more than one way to look at things and there are always exceptions and designs that bring forth new trends and ideas. Basically what we mean by that is that we’re here to show you that Christmas garlands can actually be exciting and interesting.

Christmas door Garland

You can probably buy some ready made pine garlands but in case you don’t find any at your local stores, you can always just make such a garland yourself. You just have to tie or glue together a bunch of evergreen trimmings and if you want you can also add some pine cones from place to place. Once you have a few of these garlands, you can display in a stylish manner using a woodel dowel, as suggested on Thebeautydojo.

Colorful felt Christmas Garland

Not all Christmas garlands are made of green branches and trimmings. In fact, most of the ones we have in mind aren’t. One alternative can be a felt garland. You could make one using lots of felt scraps cut into little squares. Thread a button onto one end of the thread and then add the squares one by one. When you’re done, add another button. You can combine the colors however you want. {found on pillarboxblue}.

Easy Felted wool ball garland

If you’re familiar with felt balls and you already know how to make them, this next project should be really easy. In case you need some instructions you can check out Sandlelakehouse. To make a felted ball garland you need wool roving, liquid soap, hot and cold water, a large needle and embroidery thread.

Giant Christmas Garland

You can combine various techniques and designs to create custom Christmas garlands. For example, you can make a garland out of felt squares as shown above and add some letters to it. What you’ll get will be a cheerful decoration. Hang the letters from the garland using mini clothespins. You can craft the letters out of felt as well. Have a look at the tutorial featured on Pillarboxblue for more details about this project.

cinnamon himmeli & dried orange garland

Want to make your home smell like Christmas? Make a garland out of cinnamon sticks and dried orange slices. It’s a quirky project that we came across on Jojotastic. You’ll need a lot of cinnamon sticks so make sure you have plenty. Each ornament on the garland is made eout of 12 sticks and they have dried orange slices between them.

Advent Calendar Garland

Some Christmas garlands are more than they let us see. For instance, this one featured on Abeautifulmess is also an advent calendar. Each star in the garland is in fact a small box filled with goodies. They’re all numbered so you know in what order to open them. We suggest paper mache boxes but you can use whatever type you want.

Felt pocket advent calendar

There’s also an easier way to make an advent calendar garland. You could make a bunch of small pockets out of felt and then thread them all onto ribbon or twine. Check out the instructions on Inkandglue to find out how to make these cute little pockets.

Merry Christmas Watercolor Party Garland

If you want your garland to be purely decorative without any hidden meaning, then you could make one out of paper and you could paint it yourself using watercolor or acrylic paints. The idea comes from Delineateyourdwelling. Use heavyweight paper and first paint a bunch of sheets, let them dry and then cut them into pieces. Glue these to a piece of string. You can also use metallic contact paper for some contrast.

JOY christmas garland using perler beads

Have you ever worked with Perler beads? They’re really fun and versatile and you can use them to make some cute ornaments which you can then display on a garland as shown on Vikalpah. You need a board and a bunch of beads, parchment paper, an iron, ribbon or thread, pom poms and a hot glue gun. Arrange the beads in any shape you want, cover them with paper and iron over them. After they’re fused together, wait a bit and remove them from the board. You can now add them to your pom pom garland.

Snowy Pine cone garland

If you have any pine cones now would be the time to use them. You could make a snowy pine cone garland. You just need the cones, some white paint, floral wire, string and a paint brush. Paint the tips of each pine cone and let the paint dry. Wrap floral wire inside the tines of each cone and form a loop, then thread the string through the loop. Space out the cones on your garland. {found on themagiconions}.

Colorful pine cones garland

After you’ve painted the pine cones as described previously, you can also glue a bunch of tiny pom poms on them. It’s pretty much the same project as before with added felt balls. Add a dab of hot glue to each felt ball and then stick it onto the pine cone. Mix and match the colors as you want. {found on themagiconions}.

Mini rosemary wreath and garland

Wreaths are popular and usually displayed on the front door. Mini wreaths, however, can be used to make a really lovely Christmas garland. You can make them out of fresh rosemary branches. You’ll need embroidery hoops, twine or string, scissors, floral wire and rosemary. Tie the branches to the hoops and then make a loop around each one so you can string them to form a garland. It’s all described in detail on Thesweetestoccasion.

Leather chain garland

If by any chance you have some leather scraps and no good use for them, perhaps you they’re enough to make a Christmas garland. Apart from the leather you’ll also need scissors, an acrylic paint pen and craft glue. Measure and mark out long rectangles on the leather and then cut then out. These will be the links on your garland. Paint patterns on each one and then form loops, securing them with glue. Insert each piece of leather through the previous loop. We found this idea on Makeandtell.

Green oversized garland to decorate the staircase

Oversized garlands work well if you have a staircase. You could make a really beautiful garland out of paper. Use two different shades of green and alternate them to get a design similar to the one featured on Thehousethatlarsbuilt. Basically you’ll have to make a lot of oversized leaves and then add some red paper ball ornaments to get that holy and berry combo.

Candy Christmas Garland

How about a candy cane garland? That would surely look delicious. You could use actual candy canes or you can improvise and make he canes out of red and white pipe cleaners. It’s an idea that comes from Designimprovised. In addition to the pipe cleaners this project also requires some matching baker’s twine, scissors and a darning needle.

Polymer clay garland

The gumball garland featured on Delightedmomma looks really cute as well. If you want to make something similar you’ll have to work with an assortment of polymer clay and waxed cotton cord. You’ll also need a bead making tool or a toothpick. Soften up the clay, rip into chunks and start forming the balls. Poke a hole into the center of each one and then bake them all. Let them cool and then string them into waxed cotton cord.

Glitter star Garland

A glitter star garland can be a really chic and glamorous decoration and it’s also easy to make if you follow the instructions on Heartmaggie. Here’s what you need: A4 gold glitter card, nesting star die, twine, a hole punch and square adhesive foam pads. Cut out stars and make sure you alternate their sizes. Then place the small ones on top of the larger ones and secure them together with foam pads.

Winter wonderland garland

The kids might enjoy helping you make the garlands so pick a design that’s cute and friendly. Perhaps you’d enjoy making the animal garland featured on nap-timecreations. You need red moose and white bear toys to make something similar but you can definitely improvise with other colors or animals. Use cord to tie them onto some string and form a garland or display them as individual decorations.

Cozy Mitten Garland

Another cute design that the kids might enjoy helping you with is suggested on Caughtonawhim. This is a garland of mittens. You can crochet these yourself or you can use the old mittens that your kids grew out of. It’s a really simple and really cute project.

Pine dipped garland

When you get a living Christmas tree you also end up having all these trimmings and leftover branches. You can use these to make a lovely garland. A nice suggestion is offered on Makeandtell. Actually, these branches are dipped in paint. You can arrange them however you want and even combine them into a wreath if you prefer that.

Origami star garland

We all know how to make an origami boat or something else that’s really simple. You can add to that list these cute little origami stars which you can combine into a garland for your Christmas tree. You can use printer paper or decorative paper. You’ll also need scissors, twine and a long sewing needle. The instructions can be found on Hellolittlehome.

Citrus dried Garland

We mentioned some time ago that you can turn dried citrus slices into ornaments. Let’s go back to that idea can see how you can use these slices to make a garland. It’s actually really simple. Cut some oranges or other citrus fruit into slices and bake these for a while or let them dehydrate. Then poke with a needle and some thread through each slice and tie a knot at the top. Display your garland. {found on makermama}.

Gingerbread Letter garlands

Since we’re discussing citrus garlands and all, how about a gingerbread garland which you can actually eat? To make something like this you’ll need a gingerbread recipe, large letter cutters, twine, a rolling pin and a straw or a skewer. Prepare the dough, roll it out and cut out the letters you want to use. Make two small holes at the top of each letter and then bake them. Thread twine through the holes and make the garland. {found on hellowonderful}.

Natural Christmas Garland

You may be familiar with popcorn garlands. They’re exactly that: garlands made of popcorn. You can use that idea to make something a bit more complex like a garland that features popcorn, cranberries and pinecones. We found a tutorial on Simplyhappenstance which explains how to do that.

Painted pine cone garland

If you like pine cones, you can create a garland using only those. It could be a nice idea to spray paint the pine cones. You could use two or more colors and alternate them as you thread them onto the garland. If you need more info on this, check out Simplicityinthesouth for a more detailed description of the project.

Multicolored felt garland

Multicolored garlands can really cheer up a Christmas tree and you can also display them in other ways as well. You could make such a garland out of lots of strips of felt. It’s a project that’s perfect if you have some leftover felt from other projects. Cut it into small strips and cut a piece of twine as long as you want the garland to be. Then start to tie the strips onto the twine, alternating the colors and the angle at which you tie them. {found on telllloveandparty}.

Yarn Tassel Garland

You can also play with colors if you make a tassel garland. Yarn tassels are really easy to make. You need yarn, scissors and a piece of cardboard or a book. Wrap some yarn around the book multiple times, pull it off and fold in half. Tie it off with a piece of yarn and then cut the loops at the ends. Fold downwards and wrap with string to create the tassel head. {found on farmfreshtherapy}.

Cute Pom Pom Garland

Similarly, you could make a pom pom garland. Pom poms are a bit more difficult to make but if you have a pom pom maker that would greatly simplify things. In any case, after you have all the pom poms ready, thread some string through their centers and form the garland. Find the full tutorial of this quirky and simple project on Georginagiles.

DIY Rustic and Modern Wood Christmas Tree

One of my favorite things to do is dream up projects that make good use of lumber from my wood scrap pile. I make a lot of bigger furniture pieces that require many different sized cuts of wood, which means that I often end up with lots of small pieces in all different lengths. I absolutely hate seeing those pieces go to waste because a tree had to die to make them and it usually costs me money to buy them.

Modern Wood Christmas Tree DIY

Today I am sharing the full tutorial for the cutest little rustic-modern wooden Christmas tree, and it’s made entirely out of scrap wood from my shop! But never fear, if you don’t have any scrap wood, you can easily make one of these by picking up some new lumber at your local hardware or lumber supply store.


  • 1 x 2 lumber, I used pine
  • Miter saw
  • Wood glue, nail gun, or screws and drill—any will work
  • 150 or higher grit sandpaper
  • Measuring tape
  • Pencil
  • Safety googles

Cut list

“Branch” pieces (cut at a 45-degree angle on each side)

  • (1) 12″ 1×2
  • (1) 10″ 1×2
  • (1) 8″ 1×2
  • (1) 6″ 1×2
  • (1) 4″ 1×2
  • (1) 2″ 1×2

Stand pieces (cut at no angle):

  • (1) 12″ 1×2
  • (1) 45 1×2


1. Measure and cut your lumber.

I wanted my tree to be small enough to sit on a table top or shelf, so I measured and marked the longest “branch” piece (the very bottom of the tree shape) to be approximately 12 inches long at the longest point of the angle. Then I subtracted approximately 2 inches for each additional branch (reference cut list above). I used a miter saw to cut each branch at a 45-degree angle on each side. This gives the pieces a tapered look like a Christmas tree.

For the stand, I measured, marked, and cut one 12-inch and one 6-inch piece.

Materials for Modern Wood Christmas Tree DIY

If you’d like to make a bigger tree, just increase your measurements and plan to use more lumber. This design can be easily scaled to be any size; you’ll just have to adjust how big each piece is.

2. Sand all pieces.

Polish any rough edges using 150-grit sandpaper or higher. Since this is supposed to be a modern and rustic tree, I’d suggest leaving it unfinished wood. However, if you want to stain or paint your pieces, it will be easiest to do it before you assemble them.

Here are my pieces laid out to visualize how much space I wanted between each branch. I didn’t measure this; I just eyeballed a small space.

Sand all Wood For Christmas Tree

3. Construct the tree.

Now it’s time to put everything together. You can use wood glue, a nail gun, screws and a drill, or any combination of the three. I used a combination of screws and glue. I screwed in through the back of the backbone piece and into each of the branch pieces to attach them. Then I attached the backbone piece to the base using glue.

Modern Wood Christmas Tree DIY Built It

Modern Wood Christmas Tree DIY - Fix

And that’s it! An adorable way to create a fun holiday-themed piece out of wood scraps.

Rustic and Modern Wood Christmas Tree DIY

Mini Wood Modern Christmas Tree DIY

Cinnamon Stick Crafts – The Smell of Christmas In Your Home

It’s interesting how certain smells or sounds remind us of specific things, a person, a place or an activity. Cinnamon, for example, is the smell of Christmas. The smell of oranges has a similar effect sometimes. So if you want to welcome the spirit of Christmas into your home this year, you can do that by using cinnamon in your crafts. We have just what you need: a bunch of projects that can make the holidays more enjoyable.

Cinnamon sticks Garland

Cinnamon sticks and dried orange slices are the perfect combo if you want to make your home smell like Christmas. Use these to make a beautiful garland. The project starts with twelve cinnamon sticks which are tied together to make the himmeli. Then a dried orange slice is added and the garland continues with another himmeli followed by another orange slice. Continue until you reach the desired length. {found on jojotastic}.

cinnamon stick himmeli

If you liked the garland, you might enjoy knowing that you can also use cinnamon sticks to make individual himmeli ornaments which you can hang in the Christmas tree. For each one you’ll need 12 cinnamon sticks, three wooden beads and a piece of twine. You’ll also need a heavy duty needle and scissors for the project. {found on jojotastic}.

Three cinnamon sticks ornaments

Three cinnamon sticks and a piece of twine or leather cord are enough to make one of these lovely Christmas ornaments featured on tagandtibby. They can be decorated with springs which are glued to the right corner of the ornament. Of course, you can use this project as inspiration and come up with your own more complex version decorated with anything you like.

cinnamon Christmas Tree Stars

There are also other ways in which to use cinnamon sticks to make ornaments for Christmas. For example, you could make cinnamon snowflakes like these ones on Camillestyles. They’re made using cinnamon sticks, cloves, star anise, twine and a hot glue gun. They smell wonderful and they look really cute too. You can display these spicy ornaments in lots of interesting ways or you can offer them as gifts.

Christmas-themed flavor scented candles

You can also make your home smell nice with scented candles. Make some yourself and give them a Christmas-themed flavor. There’s a tutorial that explains how to do this on Tagandtibby. The project starts with chopped cinnamon bark and some small dip bowls. A natural candle wick is placed in each bowl and then the candle wax mixture is prepared and poured in. After it hardens you can cut the wick and sprinkle some cinnamon on each candle.

Scented ornaments for Holday

Scented ornaments are also a thing. Basically you can decorate your Christmas tree with cute cookie ornaments. Make the dough by mixing cinnamon, applesauce, glue, cloves, nutmeg and cardamon. The ornaments are not edible even though they might smell delicious. Use cookie cutters and a straw to shape the cookies, bake them and then hang them. You can find the recipe on Pomashdesign.

cookie christmas holiday tag

A similar idea is featured on Adventures-in-making. This time, however, the ornaments are glittered. You can use the same recipe and the same cookie cutters. After you cut the dough, apply some glue and then cover the ornaments in glitter. You can use these as ornaments for the tree or as tags for your gifts.

Cinnamon Sticks Ornaments

Use these as ornaments for the Christmas tree or as gift toppers. Either way, they’ll look lovely and they’ll smell wonderful. They’re really easy to make. Just gather some cinnamon sticks into a bouquet and tie some twine around them. You can also add some small jingle bells or some beads. (found on northstory}.

Cinnamon orange air freshener

How would you like to make your own special air freshener that smells like Christmas? We found this great recipe on Shakentogetherlife. The supplies needed for the project include a mason jar, water absorbing polymer, cinnamon bark essential oil, orange essential oil, tule, twine and cinnamon sticks. Follow the instructions and enjoy.

Christmas décor with some cinnamon coasters

Complete your Christmas décor with some cinnamon coasters. You can use these just like regular coasters. The difference is they smell great. To make them, just glue five cinnamon sticks together and wrap some yarn around each one to make sure they’re nice and secure. It’s such a simple project anyone can do it. {found on cutediys}.

how to make cinnamon scented pinecones

In case you don’t know how to make cinnamon scented pinecones, we’ll show you. These cute little things have a really nice fragrance and they can be used as decorations in lots of different ways. First, gather some pinecones, essential oils and cinnamon sticks. Clean the pinecones in soapy water and then spray them with a water and essential oil mix. Display them together with some cinnamon sticks. {found on treasureinanearthevessel}.

Cinnamon applesauce

Cinnamon applesauce dough is perfect if you want to make fragrant decorations. Check out 3orangepotatoes to find out how to make pomanders and acorns. Follow the recipe to make the dough and then form it into small balls and place them inside acorn caps. After you made these and the pomanders, put them all in dehydrator and then glue the caps on.

Dried orange and cinnamon

If you combine orange slices and cinnamon sticks you can’t really go wrong. The fragrance will be wonderful. You can find out how to combine these into simple Christmas ornaments by following the tutorial on Dailysqueeze. You need oranges, cinnamon sticks and ribbon.

Tree ornaments made from cinnamon sticks

You only need one cinnamon stick per ornament if you want to make these cute little Christmas trees featured on Consumercrafts. Gather the supplies: cinnamon sticks, pine tree trimmings either real or faux, assorted buttons, a glue gun and twine. Glue the pine to the sticks and then decorate the tree with buttons. Make a twine loop so you can hang the ornament.

Door wreath from cinnamon sticks

If you really like cinnamon sticks, then use A bunch of these to make a Christmas wreath. You’ll need at least one bag of cinnamon sticks to cover the whole wreath. The project starts with a grapevine wreath. First you glue cinnamon sticks all around it and then you add a second layer, this time alternating the angle. {found on consumercrafts}.