9 Treatments for High Windows

Tall windows should not be completely disguised or hidden – they should be the center of attention! Here are some treatment ideas to help you bring your windows into focus in a stylish way.

Leave them Bare.

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Let Your Windows Speak for Themselves

If you want to be daring, why not leave your tall windows bare? They will let lovely sun inside your home and they always look sophisticated in this way. However, you also have the alternative of installing sheer curtains so that you can add a decorative touch without covering them up too much.

Sultry Shades.

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Choose Stylish Shades

Sometimes you don’t want fabric on your windows, so a good alternative would be to use window coverings such as shades. These come in a variety of colors and can work with your room’s color scheme. They create a sophisticated and slick finish.

Create Design on Top.

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Symmetry and Design Go a Long Way

If you have placed curtains on your tall windows, choose ones with a design at the top to pull the eye upwards. This provides interest in the upholstery instead of leaving the curtains to be plain and dull.

Hang Them Differently.

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Drape the Drapes

Your window valences or drapes do not need to hang in a standard fashion. They can be placed in an interesting style, such as the ones in the image that seem to be in a pirouette shape. Extra details, such as tassels on the curtains, work wonderfully when placed in a traditional room.

Paint the Frames.

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DIY Décor for Your Windows

When leaving the windows on display, a great idea to make them a décor item in their own right is to paint their frames in a bold color, such as sunny yellow for a modern kitchen.

Hide the Rods.

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Hidden Rods Ensure Visual Flow

Hang your window treatments so that they touch the ceiling. This is great when your room overlooks a beautiful view as it creates a blending function, removing separations and boundaries so that the décor in the room flows. To achieve this, you can purchase drapes that contain a rod with a ripple fold. The rod has a detail onto which the fabric is gently attached.

Match Curtains to Your Décor.

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One Room, One Pattern

For the ultimate symmetry and cohesiveness in your room, use the same pattern for your upholstery and curtains. This also has the tendency to make a room appear cozier and in proportion.

Partial Coverings.

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Woven Shades Give the Best of Both Worlds

Covering part of your tall windows is a great way not to sacrifice the sun completely, however you can choose if you want the top or bottom of the windows to be concealed for a much more practical and individual window treatment idea. Woven shades work particularly well to provide the room with earthy, natural décor.

Create Proportion.

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Long Lighting Fixture Balances Tall Windows

If your large, long windows have the tendency to make the rest of the room appear shrunken, then you can deal with this issue by making them appear lower and in proportion with the rest of the room. A long chandelier can work wonders to break the space between your furniture and ceilings.

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