8 Ways To Mummify Your Home For Halloween

During holidays like Halloween and Christmas, it may be a good idea to try and pick a theme for each year. It will help you focus in on one style and help you decorate your space with a neater, cleaner and more stylish feel. So what should you do this year for Halloween? How about trying out some spooky, eerie  mummy decor? You can do a lot with this theme is terms of DIY’ing and imaginative projects. So, let’s take a look at some of our top finds!!

1. Sit him in the yard.

Diy mumyView in gallery

To really spook the neighbors (and those adorable little trick-or-treaters), try following this tutorial and creating a life-size mummy for the yard. Make several and sit them on your porch to welcome visitors, or keep one on the bushes to really give everyone in the neighborhood a spook.

2. Give your guests a hand.

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Use the above tutorial to do the same thing … with just a mummified hand! Set one of the mantle, one of the dining room table or even one in the bathroom to give a quick scare!

3. O, did mummy make these?

GlobeView in gallery

Another crafty DIY project to go along with your “mummified” theme. Follow the directions from BHG and create theme little mummy heads for a fun dinnertime centerpiece, to adorn the mantle or even some fun side tables in the living room.

4. Wrap up the front door.

Crepe paper mummyView in gallery

It may not be scary, but it definitely fits the mummy theme! Wrap up your front door to create something Halloween-friendly for your trick-or-treaters!

5. Mummied nooks and crannies.

MummyView in gallery

Try making these little cuties to sprinkle around your home. Try them in all the nooks and crannies that need a little Halloween oomph. Tables, mantles … or even add one to the staircase or porch!

6. Pumpkins are mummies too.

Diy mummy pumpkins for halloween decorView in gallery

Sit a little mummy outside your door! Create this easy pumpkin to dress your foyer or patio! Even  your pumpkins can be mummified!

7. You can light them too.

MummiesView in gallery

Add some eerie light to the house or porch with these DIY mummy vases. All you need to do is add tea lights to make them glow! Follow this tutorial and get to work!

8. Cling them to the window.

Window mummyView in gallery

You can always find great window decals too. Find some that fit your these, slap them on the windows and VOILA! instant Halloween decor!