8 Ways To Decorate Your Door For Halloween

If you decorate only one part of your home for Halloween, you must let it be your front door; that’s where your trick-or-treaters will be! Whether simple and sweet, a little more crafty than you’re used to or all out spooky, there are a plethora of great ideas out there just waiting for you to try. Let’s a take a look at some!

1. A slithering wreath.

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An easy DIY from Martha Stewart, this will quickly get your front door in the Halloween spook mood. Buy a black, bare wreath and then spray paint some plastic snakes black (or red!) then hot glue them on. It’s quick, it’s easy and will leave just a hint of creep for all your guests.

2. A spidery window.

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If you’ve got a window on your door, you can easily create a creepy silhouette. Find a print, enlarge it and then follow this easy tutorial to finish the job. This isn’t overboard and isn’t too hard, but it will definite bring in some Halloween spirit! (or spirits!)

3. Broom stop.

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It doesn’t get any easier or more adorable than this easy way to spruce up your door for Halloween! Create a little pit stop for all the witches in the neighborhood. Tie up some brooms to the front of the door, then use bunches of raffia to outline the frame.

4. A smiling pumpkin.

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You can always create something without the spook factor, of course. Grab a pumpkin, attach a smile and welcome all your October guests with a warm welcome and not a fright!

5. A little monster.

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The kids will love this one and all you need is some felt. If your door is green, well .. that’s just a plus! But any door will do! Create a Frankenstein or monster face out of felt or foam and attach it to the door!

6. Attack of the bats.

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For another simple idea, use bats (or birds) to create a little bit of an infestation! Use felt or foam to cut these out and attach them in the safest way possible (depending on your home). It’s a more subtler, stylish and classier way to pay homage to the season!

7. Mummified.

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All you need are some white streamers to make this work. Another DIY all the kids will adore, mummify your door!

8.Cover it with cobwebs.

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Whether you add spiders or skulls into the mix, cobwebs are quintessential Halloween. It gives the house a haunted vibe and a little bit of a icky feel.

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