8 Stylish Bathtub Ideas

The bathtub doesn’t have to remain a fixed shape or color: there are stunning bathtub décor trends to try. Update your bathroom with a more stylish bathtub!

See-Through and Stylish.

Luxury bathtub
Clear Bathroom Glass is Effortless Sophistication

A bathtub that is designed with clear glass is painfully modern and chic. It almost looks as though the bathtub is not there, until you fill water into it and your eyes have to do a double take!

Earthy Elements.

Luxury bathtub
A Stone Bath is Pampering

The bathtub evokes relaxation, so let it be more spa-like by using bathtubs that are made from earthy elements, such as stone.

Space for a Sanctuary.

Luxury bathtub
Use Space Wisely by Creating An Alcove

Following through with the idea of the bathroom being a sanctuary, if you have a large space a good idea could be to create a bath alcove in one section of the room. This creates distinction between the bathtub and the rest of the bathroom, plus you can use stylish trimmings for this area, such as arches and artwork.

Choose a Different Color.

Luxury bathtub
Colorful Bathtubs Create Personality

A bright and bold bathtub is a great way to inject character into the bathroom. The bathtub can become a focal point of your décor in this way. It also makes the bathtub much more unique than if it is a clichéd white or beige shade.

Step Down into the Bath.

Luxury bathtub
The Sunken Bath is a Refreshing Design Idea

The bathtub doesn’t have to stick out in the bathroom – a sunken bathtub can be a clever way to make it blend into the bathroom’s design and décor. Added to this, it opens up the room to create more space.

LED Lights up a Modern Tub.

Luxury bathtub
Shine a Colorful Light on Your Bathtub

Even if you don’t have a super modern bathtub, you can make it much trendier with the use of LED lighting. When cast over the bathtub, it makes the bathroom look stylish, plus it can create a soothing or hotel-like feeling, depending on how you want to feel when you soak in a hot tub.

Fantastic Faucets.

Luxury bathtub
Bathtub Trimmings Pull Stylish Moves

Apart from the style of your bathtub, its trimmings are important décor touches in the room. A waterfall faucet, for instance, looks beautiful and modern.

Luxury bathtub
Gold Trimmings Work in a Vintage and Modern Bathroom

Another idea is to bring in gold taps which are a must-have trend this year and create a feeling of luxury.

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