8 Spectacular Halloween Light Shows To Inspire You This Season [VIDEOS]

Halloween is almost here and there’s not much time left for the whole decorating process. Decorating the interior is actually not that difficult. You just get some themed pieces and scatter them all over the room. It’s also easy because you can make individual projects and then put them together at the end. But Halloween is not only about decorating the interior of your home. In fact, that’s the space that only friends and families get to see. So if you also want to put up a show for everyone else passing by, light shows are the way to go.

You know you’ve put up a great show when people start gathering in front of your house, dancing with you.

You’ve probably seen numerous videos on Youtube showing exactly what we’re trying to describe now. These light shows are difficult to create and they require a lot of patience and attention to detail. It takes time and it takes devotion but the results can be amazing and very rewarding. It all starts when you choose the right music. It needs either to be in the spirit of Halloween or to be upbeat and to almost force you to get up and dance. You know it’s a success when people stop to watch your light show and when you see people dancing in the street with you.

Simple light show but still in the spirit of Halloween, even though the music doesn’t really say it.

Lots of programming and props but it’s all worth the time and effort when you get to enjoy it.

Great, fun upbeat music can make a simple light show stand out like no other. Gangnam Style Song!

Halloween-themed good music and perfect synchronization let you know it’s all getting real.

Whether you like the show or not, the music really complements the whole light show.

Everything from the music to the last little light screams Halloween and makes you wish this was your neighbor’s house.

Keep up with the trends and go with dubstep. It’s tricky but it can be spectacular.

We decided to get into the spirit of the upcoming holiday and to present you a selection of videos showing really great light shows. These are all spectacular projects that everyone wishes to accomplish. It’s the type of thing you want to recreate but always end up postponing for next year. So maybe now it’s time to finally dare to do it. We now invite you to watch with us these videos and maybe you’ll find here the inspiration you need for your own project.