8 Fabulous Fence Decorating Ideas

With the arrival of spring, our thoughts turn instinctively outward…to the outside of our homes, that is. We’re drawn to fresh ideas, bright colors, and clean spaces ready to ring in the new growing season.

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If you’re looking for ideas on how to spruce up your tired old fence, or if you simply want a project that gets you outdoors, this post is just for you. Enjoy!

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Staggered planter boxes are a wonderful addition to a boring wood fence. Paint them a cheery color before mounting them to brighten the entire yard. (Make sure to drill holes in the bottom for proper drainage!) {found on notjustahousewife}.

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Suspend colorful flowerpots in one section of your fence for an outdoor piece of living art. This can be a single focal feature or repeated periodically throughout your fenceline.

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Treat your backyard fence like an interior wall to be decorated – hang painted message boards and “frame” potted plants with wooden shadow boxes. Be sure to weatherproof your décor to make it last through the season.{found on creativeraisins}.

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Give Mother Nature a helping hand by adding a little unnatural greenery. Paint out some old frames and hang them on the fence a la art gallery wall. This is a fun and eye-catching way to add visual height while you wait for plants to mature as well.

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Make your fence the highlight of your hard by painting the whole thing a bright and beautiful hue – this periwinkle, for example, is a lovely vibrant shade reminiscent of oceanic scenes.

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Turn an outdoor bench into a sofa by using the fence as the backrest. Add waterproof-finished frames to mimic a living room’s artwork. A flagstone, rock, or wood plank floor adds a nice finishing touch.

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Paint a large piece of wood with chalkboard paint (treated for surviving in the outdoors via tutorial here) and hang it out your fence for endless hours of outdoor fun.

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If your backyard is a kid-friendly place, hanging some colorful rainboot-turned-planters in a line will keep things cheerful, playful, and colorful.