8 Creative Ways to Use Old Shutters

What’s the new, trendy piece to reuse and spark some excitement in your home? Some old shutters.Whether you refurbish them or leave them in their natural form, using shutters in your home adds a bit of old-world flavor and some handmade essence to wherever you let them make their mark. They’re great to use as a DIY project but also great in terms of showing off your personal style.

So grab a seat or an old shutter or two and check out some special ways to use them!

1. Make a headboard.

Old doors shelf

Headboards help to create a bedroom’s ethos and using some vintage shutters as the main idea behind this space’s style is not only gorgeous but flavorful. It’s romantic, unique and great inspiration to use in your own home.{found on apartmenttherapy}.

2. Cover a wall.

Old doors shelf

Creative, daring and definitely out-of-the box; this idea is full of personality. Even if you don’t cover the entire wall but use the shutters as a focal point for your wall’s decor, it’ll bring that country, antiquity feel to your home that so many strive for.{found on site}.

3. Memo and mail board.

Old doors shelf

Although hugely popular right now, turning a pair of old shutters into a memo and mail board is cute and functional. It’s a great way to organize and not forget about those bills that need to be paid!{found on martha}.

4. Display photos.

Old doors shelf

Just like the memo and mail board, shutters are also a great way to display photos. Use it as a wall decor piece and snag some of your favorite photos to hook up and show off.{found on urbanscarlet}.

5. Turn them into a cabinet.

Old doors shelf

A DIY project for the craftiest, turn that pair of old shutters into a cabinet. Store movies, books, or even purses in this little hideaway treat. (If you’re lucky you can find some in stores like Target or even on ebay!){found on myhomeideas}.

6. Room dividers.

Old doors shelf

Another “why didn’t I think of that?” idea. Turning shutters into room dividers is quite easy and another way to bring in some fun-spirited personality to the space you’re dividing.{found on pinterest}.

7. Make a cork board window.

Old doors shelf

A different play off the memo and mail board is to turn your shutter into a wall window, with a cork board inside! Open up the shutters and there you have those phone numbers you’ve been search for, your to-do lists and receipts you still need to write down in your checkbook!{found on arcadianlighting}.

8. Shelf it.

Old doors shelf

Add some character to your shelving and turn your shutter into a place of organization. Paint it a new color, add some hooks and you’ve created a great piece to add to your home.{found on meredith}.