8 Amazing Geometric Rugs

These days, it’s all about unique rugs that ground a room and command a bit of attention. That’s why geometric rugs are such a great choice for today’s home. Forget traditional rugs that are full of flowers and scroll work, and embrace the new!

Rugs are an investment that can last for years, so it’s important to choose the right one. Geometric patterns are great because they incorporate straightforward designs that can work with many different tastes and styles. Check out some of our favorites below.

1. The Chandra Inhabit Area Rug.

Ikea colrful geometric rug

We love this more modern take on a floral design. The geometric print creates a unique shape in between the flowers as well. The brown and blue color scheme would work well for a unisex living room with brown or white furniture that had pops of blue in the accessories.Available from 142$.

2. MAT The Basics Dublin Rust Area Rug.

Ikea colrful geometric rug

This is such a fun design that is actually reminiscent of Pac Man! It would be a great in a kid’s room or in a room with more mid-century designs.Available from 25$.

3. The Safavieh Soho Blue – Ivory Area Rug.

Ikea colrful geometric rug

This rug is so refreshing, like a bright sunburst. It would look amazing with sleek, modern, white furniture in a bright and airy living room.Available from 48$.

4. Couristan Super-Indo Naturals Astra Area Rug.

Ikea colrful geometric rug

Neutrals are so important to have in a home because you can literally combine them with any color imaginable. This rug in particular has an incredible geometric pattern that gives it a unique vibe, while still allowing it to hold its neutral color scheme.From 125$.

5. The Zak Rug.

Ikea colrful geometric rug

This bright, rainbow colored rug would be perfect in a chic, city space surrounded by bright colors and fun accessories. The person who buys this rug doesn’t take design to seriously and as such, would create an exciting, vibrant room with it.From 299$.

6. The Scroll Tile Rug – Green.

Ikea colrful geometric rug

This rug represents a great combination of traditional and modern design. The actual shape of the geometric pattern is quite traditional, but the lime green color makes it more modern. This would go well in many different types of rooms, a versatility which landed it on our favorites list.Available from 146 euros.

7. Tuscan Chevron Navy Rug.

Ikea colrful geometric rug

Many people are somewhat over the Chevron trend, but we still love it. It’s a timeless pattern that looks incredible in many different color combinations. Mix and match with other patterns for an eclectic look, or simply layer accent colors on neutral furniture to accentuate its appearance.From 229$.

8. IKEA Stockholm Figur Rug.

Ikea colrful geometric rug

This bright and fun rug reminds us of stained glass. It’s so pretty and full of happy colors. It would work well in a college dorm all the way to an upscale penthouse. Regardless of where you place it, this rug is sure to bring a smile to your face.Available from 449$.

We hope that this roundup of our 8 favorite geometric rugs has inspired you to go out and create an incredible new space. Whether it’s small or large, modern or traditional, a new geometric rug is sure to spice up your space and add a little personality to any room.