7 Ways To Decorate & DIY With Newspaper

Getting the newspaper everyday is great. Actually reading it is even better. Recycling is a must. But  re-using that old piece of community coverage to decorate your home … now … that’s just a genius idea. Newspapers are great for creating new household items and putting a quick and fresh new spin on certain spaces in your home. And it doesn’t take a magician to make or decorate with the reusable material. Any one of these DIY’s can be done by a newbie, you just need to figure out which project you want to try first.

7 Ways To Decorate amp DIY With NewspaperView in gallery

Check out these 7 ways to decorate & DIY with newspaper. And after your finishing looks go and get started on your own creative little adventure!

1. Don’t be scared to cover the wall. The entire wall!

Newspaper wallView in gallery

Newspaper is paper you know … hence the word … wallpaper. Utilize your old shreds to cover one wall in your bedroom or better yet … your office space. It’s a little eclectic, a little modern and a whole lot creative. And eco-friendly of course!

2. DIY newspaper wreaths.

Wreath newspaperView in gallery

They’re neutral and can be used during any season. If you’ve caught the crafty bug then try your hand at this fun little DIY.  It’s feminine and chic without going overboard in cutesy colors. And you don’t have to use the rose idea, try your hand at other types of wreaths (easy tutorials are found all over the blogs!).

3. Create a make-shift side table.

Newspaper night standView in gallery

It’s been done before with books … so why not newspaper? It’s easy, inexpensive and brings in a bit of an edge without being too overpowering. Not to mention, it’s kind of an adorable little surprise just waiting to be seen.

4. Add some oomph to your switch plates.

Newspaper changeView in gallery

This is a great little DIY project for you to tackle. It’s easy and novice-friendly. And literally adds a bit of surprise to a part of your home that never gets enough attention to detail!

5. Create personalized wall art.

Bed peace articleView in gallery

Instead of buying a piece of wall art that looks like newspaper. Make one yourself. Find something that catches your eye or means something to you and display it!

6. Give your lamp shade a face lift. 

Lamp newspaperView in gallery

Try covering up stains and imperfections with some newspaper! It’s subtle enough not to look too kitschy but outstanding enough to notice … in the right kind of ways. (Check this out for more information)

7. Frame a mirror.

Mirror side newspapeprView in gallery

Check out this tutorial and turn a boring mirror into something a bit more special. It adds some texture and edge … while the mirror adds light and space.