Home Security Tips Meant To Improve Your Safety And Discourage Thieves

Surely you must be aware of how many break-ins happen everywhere around you. Wee see these things on TV and we wonder why and how could something like that happen? And it’s not one of those things that only happens to someone else. You too could be the victim so how do you prevent it?

Change the locks

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Obviously, the first you should do when moving into a new house is change the locks. You never know who had access to the keys before you moved in so why risk anything? And speaking of locks, consider multi-point locking which basically involves several hooks or bolts holding the door into the frame.

Secure the windows

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An open window can be very attractive for a potential burglar so be careful. You can block the accessible windows and allow them to open no more than 6”. use anti-lift devices, secure all the windows with secondary blocking devices or install metal bars. Also, consider laminated glass which holds together when shattered.

Get an alarm system

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Alarm systems are usually pretty good at scaring thieves away. Most won’t even attempt to break in if there’s a security system in place and, those who try, will usually run away when the alarm is activated. But watch out and conceal all the wiring because burglars will try to cut it to disable the security system.

Light up the entrance

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Use lighting to keep thieves away. A burglar won’t want to be seen when trying to break in. Use infra-red motion sensor lights for the front and rear entrance and light up the pathway and the patio or deck as well.

Clear up the front of the house

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Make sure that those passing by your house can see the front of the home and anyone who may be trying to break in. trim the trees, clear up the area and don’t give burglars to opportunity to hide and work without being seen. Remove anything that could be used to break in or climb up such as ladders or garden tools.

Make it look like you’re home

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Whenever you go out and leave the house for a longer period of time, don’t make it look like you’re not there. Automatic time switches can be used to turn on and off the lights or the radio. Also, don’t close the curtains during the daytime and work with your neighbors. You can ask them to get your mail, clean the post on your doormat or park their car on your driveway.

Mark your belongings

Permanently mark your belongings to make it easy for the police or for yourself to identify them in case they’re stolen. This will also make it more difficult for the thief to dispose of them.

Get a safe

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A safe can be really useful if you want to protect documents or valuables. A lot of burglars won’t bother trying to open the safe because it takes time and they risk being discovered. Plus, you can conceal the safe so they don’t even discover it.