7 Tips & Ideas To Organize Your Closet

We’ve given you the run down on stylish closet organizers and now it’s time to put them to use with some tips on how to go about organizing your closet, and not just using the cute contraptions.

Again, even after a huge spring cleaning of throwing out old tops and using all the right hangers, it takes about two days for your closet to get back into that wretched, cluttered, messy abyss. You can’t find anything and the more you look … the worse it gets. Well, that’s where organizers come in. but more importantly it’s where the organizing comes into.

Check out these 7 tips and ideas to organize your closet and in no time you’ll have a super neat and tidy space!

1. Get rid of old clothes and everything else you aren’t using.

Orgnize closet3

If you haven’t worn it in 6 months, then it’s time to put it in the trash or give it to a nearby Goodwill. If you’re not wearing it, someone else will. And if you’re not wearing it because it’s so ratty and worn, then just be rid of it! Don’t allow excess clothes and trash to take up space in your closet. You don’t need your closet looking like this anymore, so leave the excess behind.

2. Keep the most-used items in sight.

Orgnize closet3

Your favorite t-shirt and pair of jeans should be easy to find. Make sure your favorites and most-used items are in plain view and easy to get to.

3. Color & type coordinate your closet.

Orgnize closet3

Another way to easily put together outfits and find specific pieces of clothes would be to color & type coordinate the closet space. And it looks super stylish too! Green blouses go with green blouses, black pants go with black pants … it’s simple and an easy way to create organization!

4. Store out of season clothing.

Orgnize closet3

This is a good option for those with smaller closet space and more clothes than it can handle. During the summer months, store your big bulky sweaters in boxes or baskets. And vice versa for the colder months. It’ll be better organized and create more room.

5. Use one type of hanger.

Orgnize closet3

Again for a neater, tidier look .. try using one type of hanger. All wood, all fabric, all wire … it make for a more consistent visual.

6. Create space for your accessories.

Orgnize closet3

Belts, shoes, handbags, ties … they should all be thought about and safely tucked away. But they need to be easily found and not placed in an area where you’ll never find them again. Hang belts on hooks, use cubbys or racks for shoes and use shelf dividers for purses!

7. Fold nicely.

Orgnize closet3

For garments that can get ruined by being put over a hanger, fold them. Sweaters and some pants should be neatly folded and stacked by type and color.