7 Tips For A Perfectly-Designed Bathroom

One of the most important areas of any home, the bathroom is more than just a utilitarian space. Although it’s one of the smallest rooms of a house, they’re also one of the most vital areas and they can be a beautiful and refreshing sanctuary if you wish to go this path when designing them. We’ve prepared 7 tips and ideas that will make the project more enjoyable.

Take advantage of the view.

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If possible, try to also include the views in your bathroom’s décor. Of course, this shouldn’t contradict your need for privacy. Large windows or glass walls can make all the difference. Imagine relaxing in the tub and admiring the wonderful scenery.

Include fresh plants in your décor.

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Having fresh plants in the bathroom can turn out to be just the thing you needed to make this space feel like a relaxing oasis. But be careful. Choose plants that like moisture and do well in the shade if the bathroom doesn’t have a lot of natural light.

Open space.

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Try to make the bathroom feel as open and spacious as possible. Even if it;s a small room, open it to the outdoors with a glass wall. This idea is especially wonderful if you have a bathroom that overlooks the garden.

Floating furniture and fixtures.

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Another way to create the illusion of space is with floating fixtures. A suspended basin or vanity allows the room to feel a lot more spacious. You can still include enough storage. Just try to find the balance between functionality and looks.

Open shelves.

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Open shelves are an excellent option. They provide you with valuable storage space without visually occupying a lot of space in the room. A wonderful idea for small bathrooms.

Be clever with storage.

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It’s important to be smart and clever when designing the bathroom. You want to include as much storage as possible without making it look overwhelming. Try vertical storage, shelves, secret compartments or using the interior of your cabinet doors.

The right lighting.

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Lighting is extremely important in the bathroom. Since there’s not usually much natural light in here, you’ll need a main light fixture such as a pendant or a chandelier and some additional task lighting around the mirrors.