7 DIY Christmas Wreaths

Christmas is only a stone’s throw away! Can you believe it? Jingle bells, wrapping paper, snowmen, loads of glitter … a beautiful wreath on the door to welcome all your guests! And the best wreaths are not but, but made! So, here’s a list of some of our favorite DIY finds. From burlap to wine corks, these projects are creative, fun and most importantly, festive!

1. Simple Burlap.

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Create something super simple like this jute (similar to burlap) wreath. Grab a styrofoam ring and then wrap it with the fabric! Make sure you add a bow on top too for some extra Christmas pizazz. This is perfect for those houses that like to keep this clean and simple, but have a bit of country flavor inside. But it also works for houses that like to decorate outside in extreme ways. This keeps with the holiday theme while blending with the plethora of lights and bows adorning the house and lawn.{found on etsy}.

2. Fuzzy Fur.

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The fur looks like snow but also feels nice and cozy. The white keeps things chic. This DIY Christmas wreath is perfect to welcome guests at the front door but it’s also great to decorate the inside of the house with too! Above the fireplace or in the dining room, this chic faux fur-covered wreath will brighten the door or room and add a bit of whimsy winter romance to the space.{found on thenester}.

3. Cookie Cutters.

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This may be one of the most creative and adorable wreaths I’ve, personally, ever seen. And what’s more Christmas-like than cookie cutters! Grab some holiday cookie cutters at the Dollar Store or even out of storage and arrange them in a wreath formation. Use hot glue to keep them together, top them with a festive bow and you’ve got an extra special treat for the kitchen!{found on bhg}.

4. Wine Corks.

Everyone loves a glass of wine around the holidays, so save all those corks from the empty bottles. Then, hot glue them together and attach some glitter or a big Christmas bow. It’s rustic, it’s sweet, it’s easy to do and another way to pay homage to the holiday season. This is another wreath that would look great on the front door but equally as great somewhere in the kitchen or dining room.{found on site}.

5. Popcorn.

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This is a great project for the whole family! Just like making popcorn garland for the tree, you can make a popcorn wreath together too! You could even add in some dried cranberries for a bout of extra color and, of course, you cannot forget the Christmas bow. And if you want to get extra creative, sprinkle on some silver and gold glitter.{found on martha}.

6. Pastel Ornaments.

For a look that’s a bit softer and “frosted,” try making a wreath out of some pastel ornaments. All you need is a metal hanger, ornaments and a glue gun to make this happen. You may even want to try keeping to one or two colors. Using light blues, whites and silvers will create a snow-time effect or light greens and pinks will create a softer, quintessential Christmas feel.{found on site}.

7. Herbs.

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Reminiscent of a lush Christmas tree, this herb wreath would look great in any type of home. In the kitchen, foyer or front door, it’ll also work in almost any space of the house. Using fresh herbs will also act as a bit of aromatherapy and smell wonderful.