7 clever and space-saving storage solutions for all types of homes

Sometimes even a big house can turn out to lack the storage space you need. As a result, you find yourself in the situation when the cabinets and closets are full and you still need more storage space. But instead of adding more robust pieces of furniture, you can come up with some more space-saving solutions. Here are a few examples:

1. Hanging shoe racks.

Ottoman storage

When you have shoes sitting on the floor the entire hallway looks messy. It’s the same when they sit at the bottom of the closet. Just throwing them in the closet hoping that nobody sees them is not a very good solution. You might think that you save space but you don’t. A much better idea would be to use hanging shoe racks. They can be placed on the door of the closet, either inside or out and they keep your shoes organized at all times.

2. Relaxing nooks near the window.

Ottoman storage

A wall with large windows or a wall with lots of windows is usually not a very good place for storage. You can’t actually include much furniture on that wall and it’s space that goes to waste. But you can, however, take advantage of it. You can build a nice reading nook or a bench or a simple seat near the window and you can also use the space underneath it for storage for things like blankets and other similar items.

3. Built-in bookshelves.

Ottoman storage

One of the best things about bookshelves is that they can take up an entire wall and they can include lots of shelves and storage compartments. They are like huge storage units and they’re great for storing not only books but also all sorts of decorations, collectibles and personal treasures. These are items that need to be displayed and that would rather sit on a shelf than take up space somewhere else.

4. The space underneath the staircase.

Ottoman storage

It’s already a very popular solution and it’s both ingenious and practical. The area underneath the stairs is space that doesn’t serve any useful purpose. This means that any idea you have for turning it into storage space would be a great plus. You can build some shelves or you can integrate a storage unit with drawers and compartments.

5. Wall-mounted TVs.

Ottoman storage

Instead of placing your TV on the media unit you can save a lot of space by hanging it on the wall. When you think about it, it takes very little desk space but it occupies a large area that can be used for something else. Some TVs even come with wall-mounting hardware but if that’s not the case you can improvise something or you can create a special shelf.

6. The space underneath the bed.

Ottoman storage

Most beds nowadays come with built-in storage compartment underneath them. But if your bed doesn’t have one you can just use the space underneath the bed in any way you like. You can use it to store boxes or, if you want, you can build a series of compartments of different sizes. You can also turn that space into a storage area for books and toys in the kids’ room.

7. Ottoman storage.

Ottoman storage

Another clever idea is to use the space inside the ottoman. There are plenty of models that have an empty interior and a removable top and they allow you to use that space to store all sorts of small items that you want laying around the house for everyone to see.

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