7 Budget Window Treatments

Selection of the right treatment for the window is definitely a vital as well as a big decision. With a myriad of options available in the market, with each of them claiming to be the best, choosing the right budgeted window treatment is a daunting task. Most of the homeowners tend to believe the window treatments are expensive. However, this is not true, in reality.

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1) Curtain hanger – if you wish to impart your window with a new look, you need to spare the typical curtain rod and think out of the box. Instead of the curtain rod, install door crystal door knobs at a distance of 12 inches. Now make holes in the curtains at a distance of 18 inches and your curtains are ready for hanging. In order to complement the look of the room, use matching knobs.

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2) Branch Rod – Create your branch curtain hanger by selecting an old tree branch and painting it in your desired color in accordance to the color scheme of the room. Install the branch with the help of nails and slide in curtain rings.

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3) Make your curtain rod creative – the easiest window treatment is to enhance the beauty of your existing rod. You may stick a decorative bone inlay on both sides of the rod. Alternative, you may also insert the saw part of a trowel handle.

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4) Add appliqués – the easiest way to transform an old curtain into new is to add appliqués cut in abstract patterns to the curtains.

5) Alternatively, you may also cut out the middle of the curtain in any shape and stitch a sheer fabric from the back, so that the curtain also acts as a sheer curtain.

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6) Decorate the curtains – a unique look can be imparted to the curtains by decorating them. The most inexpensive way is to decorate your curtains with buttons of various sizes and colors. Use your creativity and arrange the buttons in an attractive pattern or may also stitch them haphazardly for a contemporary look.

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7) For curtains hanging in children’s room, you may write the kids name or favorite characters on the curtains with the help of big stencils and fabric paint. The name or the term can be written horizontally with each letter falling on each panel or they may also be written vertically on the end panel.