6 Ways to Use Vases in the Kitchen

When it comes to the kitchen, style is one of its biggest hardships. Because the room is built upon its functionality first and decor second; it’s simply harder to find something to help out with the fashion of it all. That’s why vases are a genius way to design and make-do.Using vases in the kitchen for styling purposed and functionality – or both at the same time – is easy and fun.And the best part is the shopping! Vases are everywhere. They aren’t hard to find and won’t be terribly expensive. With the choice of all shapes, sizes and colors – it won’t be hard finding one to fit your needs.So now just find the use, pick a design and check out all these ways to use vases in the kitchen!

Candle holders vase

1. Fill it with fruit.

Lemon in glass vase

This a two for one design piece. For one, it’s a great way to store your fruit as a grab and go option. Secondly, it’s stylish and trendy as a fruit-filled centerpiece. It’s fun, it’s bright and perfect for the spring and summer months. (Or maybe some apples for fall?){available for 11 euros}.

2. Don’t forget the flowers.

Candle holders vase

Although this isn’t a new idea, people forget about it. A beautiful vase filled with fresh flowers will never go out of style and will always brighten up a room and your mood. Pick flowers according to the season and don’t forget to water them!{picture from site}.

3. Utensil Holders.

Candle holders vase

Another two for one deal is the “vase as utensil holder” idea. Again, it’s stylish but still usable. Gather up your spatulas, spoons and whisks, pick out a pretty (and wider) vase and you’ve got a cute way to show off and store your kitchen tools!{picture from site}.

4. Grow some herbs.

Candle holders vase

Use vases to grow your herbs. With no better place in the house than in the kitchen, your little herb garden can live in some cute vases while also making your food a bit tastier.{found on realsimple}.

5. Put a cake on it.

Candle holders vase

If you’ve got a sturdier vase, flip it upside down and like magic – you’ve got a new cake stand! It’s cute, it’s versatile and whether clear or colored it’s a great way to show off what you’ve been baking.{picture from site}.

6.  Stick a candle in it.

Candle holders vase

For those romantic, evening dinners this is the perfect solution to set the mood in more ways than one. The lighting gets changed, the atmosphere gets changed and you get to use some of those old vases that haven’t been out of the cupboard in years.{available for 49$}.