6 Ways To Organize Your Baseball & Softball Equipment

Sports are internationally loved and if you’re an athlete … you know how much time is involved in training … and that time doesn’t include organizing your equipment. There’s exercise and learning the ins and outs of teamwork, discipline and respect. But, sometimes it’s not so easy on your car’s trunk or garage. And with so many different pieces to the baseball and softball equipment puzzle, if you don’t have a way to organize the madness, clutter and dirt will most definitely arise.

Martha organizer

You’ve got to find the right way to organize your children’s (or your own) baseball and softball equipment. Keep in it good condition, keep it clean and tucked away from your nice, tidy home. And let’s not forget to mention the fact that it’d be nice not to have to search for you daughter’s softball mitt 5 minutes before you have to leave for practice!

With these fun tips and organizers you’ll have all your equipment ready to go when it’s game time. Check out these 6 ideas and tips organize the baseball/softball clutter.

1. Hook the bats.

Martha organizer

Using a pegboard hook, hang up all your bats! Players always have their favorite and using something like this to organize the bats makes it easier to find certain ones. It’ll also keep them from rolling around in the shed, garage or trunk!{picture from here}.

2. Create your own container.

Martha organizer

Contain all the madness by re-purposing an old tool box. It keeps the mess in one place and you’ll always know where the hats and mitts are at.

3. Peg everything.

Martha organizer

Yeah, it’s easy to do with your bats but have you thought about doing it with all your baseball or softball equipment. Snag a basket for your balls and a hook for your helmet and mitt. All you have to do is grab and go to practice!

4. Take out the trash.

Martha organizer

Use trash cans to store your balls and bats. It can’t get much easier than this … or inexpensive!

5. Each child has their own!

Martha organizer

Make baseball and softball bins for reach little player you’ve got. Write their name or have their picture on the outside so they don’t have to figure out whose mitt is whose … or where they put their batting gloves! It’ll all be in the bin!{picture from martha}.

6. Lock everything up.

If you want to get really creative …. install lockers in your garage. It’s another way to keep everyone’s equipment separately and out of the house. And you’ll kids will think it’s pretty awesome too!