6 Ways To Decorate With Rocks

It doesn’t get any more organic and natural than to decorate with rocks. There’s a certain zen, a certain precious, real feeling a space gets when you use nature’s creations as the focal point or ways to accessorize.I admit I was that little girl who would collect rocks. I’d go to flea markets and buy bundles, clean them and look up what exactly they were, what made them and learn as much factual information as I could about them.

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Luckily, I don’t go around picking up rocks and taking them home anymore, instead I’ve started to accessorize with them and buy some beautiful costume jewelry made with rocks instead. But if I did go around picking up rocks right from the backyard, I could decorate with them. I mean why not? It’s cheap and just as good as some of those weird nick-nacks we’re all bound to waste money on at some time or another.

1. Surprise with them.

It really isn’t rocket science. All you have to do to “decorate” with rocks is find the right place for them. Up on the mantle or on a bookshelf lined with other pretty things is a perfect home for your piece of stone.{pictures found on b3homedesigns}.

2. Make art.

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Use this as inspiration to create something similar. Sporadic or lined up, rocks can create something really textural and edgy for your walls. And it’s easy! Just shine up those pebbles and get out the hot glue gun! (*You’ll probably need a shadowbox for this!).

3. Fill the pots.

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Small stones are great for filling up planters. Again, it’s a very organic feel that goes along with the plant’s naturalness without staying as dull as sand or dirt.

4. Doorstops.

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I must admit this is an obvious choice, but still one I love. And honestly, it’s rarely used anymore. Find some bigger rocks, whether stenciled, pressed or completely natural and use it to stop your door from closing. It’s really a lovely little find … just watch your toes, it’s quite easy to stub them on this!{found on martha}.

5. Display them.

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Yes you can use them in planters, but you could also display them in a glass candle holder or vase! It’s edgy and chic without all the fuss.

6. Throw them around.

Scattered on a table or a tray, rocks create a bit of an adventure for your home. Cluster them together to create something different and something with an artistic appeal.