6 Ways To Create Romance Around the House

Valentine’s Day will be here before we know it. So, it’s time to start generating some ideas on how you’re going to make the house feel a little bit more relaxed and romantic. And it’s incredibly simple to do. Yes, you can turn on some classic, love songs but without the right look, it’ll never work.

1. Candles.

Bedroom lights

This is a given, but we had to include it. Candles flickering, scattered around the house is a sure way to help things feel a little better. The lighting is dim, the feel is warm and everything looks just a tad bit more romantic all because you got out some matches. Remember, you can always find some candles that smell like roses to really take things over-the-top.

2. Flowers.

Bedroom lights

Some beautiful, lush flowers on the table tops is also a sure way to enhance the mood. When we see roses, we assume romance, so use that to your advance. Besides, fresh florals always make the house look more alive and taken care of. Remember you don’t have to use red, but soft pinks can tone down the look and feel making it a more relaxed space.

3. Free-flowing curtains.

Bedroom lights

Change out the curtains in your bedroom to look a little lighter. A pair of large, flowing curtains adds to the whimsy of the space. Something as simple as this will soften a colder room up and make anyone feel more relaxed.

4. Soft pillows.

Bedroom lights

On the couch and on the bed, stock up on some comfy, pretty-toned pillows. Use pastel colors to soothe and make sure they’re comfy enough to rest on. It’ll be more appealing to lay on and a lot more comfy and than the usual firm throw pillow.

5. Chandeliers.

Bedroom lights

There’s really nothing more romantic than a beautiful chandelier that gives off soft, warm lighting. The dining room is an especially great option. This way the two of you can have a romantic dinner and follow the candles to the living room to watch a romantic movie. Besides, it tops off the room and gives it a unique feel.

6. Twinkle lights.

Bedroom lights

If you don’t feel like putting in an entirely new light fixture, try adding some twinkle lights to add a certain touch of romance when you need too. Around the headboard, mantle or even up the banister. This extra lighting is whimsical, playful and flirtatious. It also gives off an amazing warm glow.

Picture sources: 1, 2 and rest from pinterest.