6 Unique and Stylish Bookshelves For Your Home

Are you tired of the usual, bulky bookshelves? Coming in a small array of black, brown or white, bookshelves just never seem stylish enough to add any sense of decor or design into your home – not matter what corner you decide to put it in. Sure it may do its job as far as keeping your books organized, but does it do its job as far as enhancing the room’s fashion? Well, it should and it can. All you need to do is shop around a bit. Take a look at some of our favorite, unique and stylish bookshelf finds!

1. The Not-so-Bookshelf Bookshelves.

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If you truly can’t find anything unique that is an actual bookshelf, you can always create one out of old items that you don’t have any use for anymore. For example, a retro TV. Gut it, clean it and then display some of your favorite books inside. This is an easy decor piece, it’s an instant conversation starter and looks great in your home office or in the living room.

2. The Dividing Bookshelf.

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The dividing bookshelf is perfect for all those with a studio apartment. Not only does this piece add a contemporary, architectural vibe to the space but it helps to outline the layout of the apartment. It can easily divide the office from the living room, or even the kitchen from the bedroom.

3. The Round-About Bookshelf.

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If you have the right spot and you’ve found the right piece, a round-about bookshelf could be your ticket to style and functionality. Perfect for the kids’ room or a super eclectic home office, a circular bookshelf can hold a lot of books and add a lot of pop and pizazz to

4. The Out-of-The-Way Bookshelf.

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An easy way to bring height to the space, create book storage above the living areas. You can see your books easily and it’s quite the cool, eclectic style. If you don’t have the room, this is the perfect choice to get the clutter out of the corners and out the way!

5. The Artful Structured Bookshelf.

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Whether you made it or you found it, the best kind of bookshelf is one that doubles as a useful piece and a pretty piece of art. This way instead of taking over the fashion of the room, it adds to it. You have somewhere to keep your books, display them as art and get them off the floors!

6. The Seated Bookshelf’.

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This is what I like to call a two-fer. It’s a two-for-one, stylish deal. Not only is this a fun seat but it’s a fun piece to hold all your books too. Add a pillow and blanket for a little cozy, reading nook!

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