6 Trendy Furniture Colors For The Fashionista

Long gone are the days of neutral furniture scattered around the house. It’s time to mix things up a bit and add some color, or lots of color, by covering some of the biggest pieces. You can completely transform a room, the house and the entire style and feel of your home. But it’s also a lot more fun to decorate when you can focus on more color and playfulness than tradition.

1. Turquoise.

Turquoise dresserView in gallery

My favorite turquoise pieces are foyer sofas or beautiful writing desks, but they make a great focal point in the bedroom or dining room with a buffet or chest of drawers. They pop right off cream-shaded walls and can mesh with any theme. Accent with pastels for a vintage-chic look or brighten it up for a worldly, cultural take.

2. Blush.

Pale pink couchView in gallery

For a softer, more subtle surprise of color, try blush. It looks wonderful on tufted pieces like sofas, headboards or desk chairs but looks charming and sweet on side tables or bookshelves. It adds a punch of style to even masculine rooms and a bit of extra girl power to rooms filled with feminine inspiration.

3. Chartreuse.

Modern contemporary living roomView in gallery

If you’re scared of color, this may be the perfect pick for you. Still in the green family, chartreuse brightens spaces up and adds an unsuspected surprise to the living room, dining room or even the patio. It’s a perfect match for contemporary homes and even the more simple, traditional of styles.

4. Violet.

Bold armoireView in gallery

How about a beautiful, violet armoire to use as your baking pantry or office storage? It’s lively, stunning, unexpected and versatile! Or how about a violet ottoman in a room full of chocolate brown or ivory accessories? It’ll create a pop and focal point to a cozy, neutral room.

5. Lemon.

Yellow kitchen islands stoolView in gallery

Bright yellow stools in a muted kitchen or a yellow accent chair in the corner of the guest bedroom, this color makes everyone smile. So use it in a classy way on one piece of fun furniture. It may even be the perfect choice for your home office, a yellow bookshelf, desk or sewing table.

6. Tangerine.

Modern orange office designView in gallery

One of the less popular choices but just as fun, tangerine pieces are perfect when you want the unexpected. Place a accent chair by the fireplace to wow your guests or a small writing desk in the nook under the stairs in this bold shade. If you find a piece you love in this orange color, don’t be too scared to use it.

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