6 Tips to Keep Your Home Organized in the New Year

It’s a new year. And if one of your new year’s resolutions was to get your home organized, you could already be feeling overwhelmed. Organization is tough, and keeping things organized is even tougher. But it is possible. Here are some tips you may not have considered that can keep your organizing resolution in tact.

Toss Unused Items.


The first step in any organization project should always be clearing out the clutter. This doesn’t just mean that you should throw away items that are obviously trash. You should also go through all of your actual belongings and get rid of everything that’s not absolutely essential.

Designate Spaces.


While you’re going through your items, also keep an eye out for items that either don’t have a dedicated home or whose homes don’t make the most sense. You should always group similar items together in the same rooms where you’re most likely to use them. If you need to, you can label which items go where. But at the very least you should tell everyone in your home about the items that you moved around and make sure they know to keep them in place.

Utilize Every Room.

room organizing

When storing items, it can be easy to just throw everything into the kitchen or living room where you spend the most time. But putting everything into one space can just make that space the most cluttered. Make use of every room and every usable space, including the bathroom, closets, guest bedrooms, and even hallways where you can fit shelves.

Start a Filing System.


But even when you have you home nice and organized, there will still be new items coming in that can create clutter and ruin your resolution. So it’s important that you set up a filing system for items like mail and put away things right away when you bring them home.

Invest in New Tools.

organization tools

There are lots of items that can make organizing easier, and investing in them can be completely worth it. Set up a filing cabinet or vertical file for mail and bills. Buy functional drawers, tubs for toys, and a system for controlling cords. You might have to spend some money up front, but it will make keeping your resolution much easier.

Make Cleanup Easy.


The important thing to keep in mind when finding new homes for items or investing in new tools is to make cleaning up as easy as possible. You may only go through your entire home to reorganize once this year, but you’ll need to put those items away many more times throughout the year, so make sure that you make it convenient for you. Don’t store your most used items on top shelves or behind other items. Put them in the easiest locations near where they will be used most often.

Home organization can be a lofty goal for the year, but it is a completely attainable one if you consider the above tips and stay dedicated throughout the year.