6 Steps To A Fun Laundry Room

Who really likes do to the laundry? Be honest. No one does. So, when we head into the laundry room to do our weekly chore of sorting, washing, drying, folding and putting away in all the various rooms of the house, it gets daunting, boring and sometimes even hurts your back. Why not bring some fun into the laundry room then? If you have to get the clothes washed, you might as well do it in a fun, pretty space!

1. Organize things.

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It’s important in every room of the house, to keep everything organize. This is especially true for the most useful parts of the home like the laundry room and kitchen. If we keep everything nice, neat and tidy … the headaches won’t set in so easily.

2. Use colors.

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Pick a fun, favorite color to paint the walls … go multi-color if you’d like! If you love a crisp, clean room then go with white. If you love a dainty, girlish room then go with a pretty shade of pink. It doesn’t  matter as long as you love the color!

3. Add funky storage.

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When you do start organizing, get creative with your storage. Find an older, vintage pantry or microwave table to keep your detergents, clothespins and everything else you have hiding in your laundry room. These pieces will be functional but also add some prettiness into he mix too.

4. Be creative.

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Maybe you’ve got extra fabric lying around or too many posters for the walls. Add them to the laundry room. An extra world map here, a DIY fabric curtain there … it’s eclectic, fun and has a lot more personality then just a bare room with a pile of stinky clothes waiting to be washed.

5. Let in the light.

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Natural light brings cheer to any space in the house. And the laundry room is one place where cheer is definitely welcomed. If you got a window in your laundry’s space then keep it bare or dress with simple sheer curtains so you are always getting a bit of nature’s beauty.

6. Pay attention to detail.

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Labeling the blacks, whites and separates baskets, hanging a beautiful chandelier for a windowless closet or matching the wall paint with a pretty, ornate rug .. the details matter. The details are what helps to create a fun, beautiful, stylish place to hand out and get your chores done. Slapping a coat of paint on the wall or organizing all your cleaning supplies is just the start of it.{picture from site}.