6 Great Ways In Which To Make Your Laundry Room More Efficient

Struggling to find a way to spend less time in the laundry room and still get the job done? It seems like this area of your house could be more efficient. Perhaps it’s time to make some changes and add some things. For example:

Labeled jars.

Label jars for laundry room chalkboard paintView in gallery

Label a few jars of clear containers in which to put tiny things you find in the pockets of your clothes. You can also use this system for labeling your cleaning supplies so you can easily grab the one you need. Consider storing the big containers like the detergent in a cabinet and putting a small amount in a jar so it’s easier to operate.

Organized baskets.

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Use baskets to pre-sort your laundry. Instead of just throwing everything in one big pile, organize everything to make it easier in the long run. With such a simple and practical system, you can even teach the kids to sort their own laundry.

Pull-out drying racks.

Pull out drying racksView in gallery

The traditional drying racks are just fine but if you want something that takes up less space and easier to operate, then install some pull-out racks. They take zero space when not needed and are super easy to use.

Chalkboard cabinets.

Chalkboard cupboards wall laundry roomView in gallery

Use chalk paint o your cabinets in the laundry so you can write down things directly on them. Maybe you can make a list and make a note when you run our detergent or something else.{found on flickr}.

DIY fold-down drying rack.

Diy drying rackView in gallery

Did you know you can make your own drying rack for the laundry room and it’s not complicated at all? It even has a clever and practical design. Make this fold-down rack using two wooden boards, dowel rods, hinges, hangers, some paint and a few other basic supplies.{found on centsationalgirl}.

Use curtains to conceal the washer and dryer.

Curtains for laundry room to hide the washing machineView in gallery

Even though the laundry room is a utilitarian space, it doesn’t have to look any less appealing than any other space in the house. Use curtains to conceal the washer and dryer and to make the room feel a little more inviting.