6 Pretty Little DIY Valentine’s Day Wreaths

It’s time to start making your Valentine’s Day crafts! Roses, bright pinks, juicy reds, hearts, X’s & O’s, funny little greeting cards and Sweethearts. Although cliché, Valentine’s Day is really all about decorating the house and loved ones with all things warm and fuzzy. So, it’s only natural that you greet your house guests with a wonderful door charm. Take a look at all these DIY wreaths that can adorn your door for Cupid’s big day!!

1. Red pines.

Rose v day

Use some beautiful red-colored pines to create this heart wreath. It’ll pop right off a cool-colored door and add a bit of texture and interest to a great spot. It’s also a bit rustic in style, perfect for a cottage styled home or a larger, Southern-inspired house. Add a bit of baby’s breath in between some of the cones to give it a softer touch.

2. Yarn hearts.

Rose v day

Simple and easy, this DIY yarn wreath is incredibly charming. You may even want to  make small ones to dress your windows. Just grab some red or hot pink yarn, a piece of pretty ribbon and something to create your frame. Even if you’re not accustomed to DIYing, you’ll still be able to make this with no troubles at all.

3. Fabric roses.

Rose v day

If you’re pretty good with a sewing machine, try thing little beauty out. Get yourself some nice fabrics (thrift some, or use some old scraps) to create some fabric roses. Then create a heart wreath out of it. It’s textural yet soft and feminine, which is perfect for Valentine’s Day !

4. Fresh lavender.

Rose v day

For something a bit out-of-the-box and more subtle, try creating a wreath out of some fresh lavender. Do it in a heart shape to be festive and then add a pretty bow. It looks great as an outdoor wreath and will smell absolutely wonderful, even after it’s dried.

5. Ribbon curls.

Rose v day

With just a pair of scissors you can  make just the sweetest wreath for your door. Use some ribbon leftovers in festive colors or patterns and attache them to your wreath base. Styrofoam will work great. Then, go through and curl each of your ribbon pieces. This is another incredibly easy DIY and it’s one of the most flirty and playful of the bunch!

6. Fabric scraps.

Rose v day

You can do a lot with just some small pieces of fabric. This fun, playful Valentine’s Wreath was crated by simple hot gluing on some fabric scraps. Use fun colors and designs to give the wreath even more personality and use some ribbon to hang it on the front door. The messy look gives it a charming, shabby-chic vibe.