6 Of The Most Popular Oven Arrangements For The Kitchen

Everyone should feel like a pro in their kitchen. It’s why having everything exactly the way you want it is very important. When choosing your appliances, think of your needs and then think of how you’ll be using them in order to come up with the perfect arrangement. Not everyone prefers the same type of arrangement. For example, there are lots of ways in which you can configure your work space and plenty of options for each type of appliance. To make things easier, today we’re focusing on ovens.

Double ovens.

Single kitchen oven
Modern kitchen featuring a stacked double oven and stainless steel appliances

A double oven offers the user more flexibility when cooking. Another advantage of having a double oven is that you can place it on a comfortable level so that you don’t have to bend down when using it. It’s good for your back and it also gives you plenty of ideas for the rest of the kitchen décor as well.

Oven, microwave and warming drawer combo.

Single kitchen oven
Contemporary kitchen featuring a refrigerator pantry with an oven, microwave on the side

Some people like to have all the similar appliances in one place. It’s a popular setup and it only requires enough room for a tall cabinet. It can be a practical combo that allows you to efficiently organize your kitchen according to types of appliances. As for the décor, this tall cabinet setup looks best next to other tall pieces.

Side by side single ovens.

Single kitchen oven
Modern kitchen featuring two side by side raised ovens

Another popular configuration includes two single ovens placed side by side. It’s quite common in modern and contemporary kitchens and it’s an arrangement that allows you to use both ovens at the same time and to be able to check on them and compare their progress more easily.

Kitchen island ovens.

Single kitchen oven
Kitchen island with two side by side built-in ovens

If you’re space in the kitchen is limited and you would rather use the wall furniture for storage, you can opt for a kitchen island with built-in ovens. It’s a clever use of the kitchen island space, slightly less common and popular than the other arrangements. Given the fact that the kitchen island is not very tall, using the ovens will be slightly less comfortable than in the case of raised appliances.

Microwave and oven combo.

Single kitchen oven
Contemporary kitchen with white furniture and built-in microwave and oven appliances

Having the microwave on top of the oven is very common. It’s a popular arrangement seen in most modern kitchens. It’s a combo that allows you to save a little bit of space while also creating a more cohesive and a simpler décor.

Single wall ovens.

Single kitchen oven
Modern kitchen with built-in oven and refrigerator and a matching kitchen island

In a small kitchen where space is limited, you want to make the best out of the space you have. In this case you can either give up some of the appliances you don’t really need and try to incorporate the ones you want in a very efficient way. A single wall oven can be a nice option for kitchens with limited space that incorporate the appliances into the furniture.

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