Unusual Wall Clocks Designed For Contemporary Spaces

Wall clocks used to be a must-have but they gradually lost their popularity and functionality over time. This had to do with the continuous technological development which made wall clocks less and less useful. Nevertheless, wall clocks didn’t completely disappear from the picture. Talented designers managed to revive this accessory by turning it into a work of art and making it stand out in new and stylish ways.

Wooden wall clock
If your home needs a pop of color, the wall clocks created by OTONO Design are just right. They’re simple and elegant but they also have a vibrant and fun side. The clocks are made of solid wood and their designs are clean, minimalist and geometric, decorated with small touches of fresh color. Whether you want to keep the décor neutral, simple and warm or to make it pop, you can definitely find a look that suits these needs using the available color options.

Color house clock
A vibrant touch of color is also what the Color-House wall clock designed by Pedro Mealha brings to the table. Basically, this is a modern interpretation of the old cuckoo clock. It’s been adapted for more modern times and it comes equipped with a light sensor which prevents the cute little bird to disturb anyone at night. The clock has a black frame and its front is painted using seven bold colors: turquoise, gray, blue, white, yellow, pink and orange.

Block wall clock design
While the previous two designs stand out partially because of the colors, others use a different approach. The Block Clocks designed by Such+Such are made from hardwoods and have sculptural designs. They harmoniously combine traditional crafting techniques and digital manufacturing. They’re made of North American Black Walnut and North American Hard Maple and are powered by a Quartz movement.

Do not disturb wall clock
Another sculptural design is featured by the Do Not Disturb Clocks. They are designed by Ernest Perera for manufacturer Amor de Madre and come in two versions. One has a hexagonal form and is defined by clean lines and angles while the other has a softer look, with delicate curves and round shape. They’re both made from beechwood and brass parts.

Puff wall clock

Sculptural is also a term which can be used to describe the Puff Wall Clock. Created by Slovenian design studio GorjupDesign, this clock is made from 35 wooden parts that wrap around the central mechanism in a way similar to a slinky toy. The result is a design that’s simple but also eye-catching.

Moss wall clock design
The Moss Clock is unlike any other one described so far. Its name it very suggestive. The clock was designed by Dutch studio noktutu and its surface is covered by real reindeer moss from Norway which has been selected by hand and preserved. The frame is made of birch plywood using the steam bending technique. This unusual choice of materials and the simplicity of the design go hand in hand. The clock is a fresh touch of color as well as a lovely little oasis for any type of décor.