6 Kitchen trends for 2011

Are you in the process of making a new kitchen or remodeling your existing kitchen? Well, if this is so, then it makes sense to design or update the kitchen with the latest trends so that you need not repeat the process the next year again, and you get the maximum value out of your dollar.

Concrete countertops

Here is a list of kitchen trends for 2011 –

1) Curved shapes are in – Interior designers are now introducing curved shapes to the kitchen like other parts of the house. Sharp and straight look will now be replaced by soft appearance. The easiest way to introduce curved shapes and impart the kitchen with a contemporary look is through the introduction of rounded sinks, bowed cabinets, curved islands and curved faucets.

2) Play with materials and styles – till now, kitchens were designed with a particular style but the trend this year is to mix and match materials and styles to impart a unique look. An example for you is to blend brick walls with stainless steel cabinets and an arched back splash.

3) Enhance the look with artistic details – artistic details have also known to enhance the look of a room so why not introduce it in the kitchen also. Artistic details can be added by introducing molded designs in the cabinets. Replace the straight cabinet handles with curved handles featuring any design. The faces of cabinets and drawers can also be detailed with artistic design.

Concrete countertops

4) Vibrant and exotic countertops – the countertops are known to play an integral role in the look of the room. Instead of the plain and dark colored countertops, make the countertops flaunt punchy colors and showy surfaces. Do not forget to complement the walls with matching tiles. An example for you is to use glazed blue lava stone for the countertop against turquoise glass tiles for the column.

5) Open shelves – an open minded approach is being applied in all aspects, how about applying it to the shelves. Open shelves hung with designed brackets against a board will definitely create the perfect nostalgic look. Another contemporary option is to hang stainless steel shelves against a textured or plain wall.

6) Introduce pendant lighting fixtures – Lighting is known to be eye catching feature of any room. Instead of typical lighting fixtures, add pendant lighting to the room. Shaped glass lights shall add drama to the room at minimal effort and cost.