6 Easy Ways To Decorate With Polka-Dots Around The House

Polka-dots are one of those signature prints everyone adores, at least they should adore. They can be childlike, flirtatious, elegant, retro, whimsy and extremely sophisticated. Depending on the size and color combination, polka-dots can adorn any part of your house … if used in the correct way of course. Let’s take a look at several ways to dress your home using one of the most popular designs around.

1. Curtains! Curtains!

Polka dots curtainView in gallery

Whether it’s for your shower or those adoring your windows, polka-dot curtains are a great way to add a playful touch to a space. Retro your bathroom by using some red and white. Feminize your bedroom with some light pinks. Or make your home office a big more sophisticated with some small polka-dot prints in black and white.

2. On the walls!

Walls polka dotsView in gallery

Walls polka dots1View in gallery

Fill up a solid wall by add some polka-dots to it. Whether you paint some loose-edged ones by hand or find some great decals, polka-dots add more interest the room. They can serve as a headboard, art pieces in the hallway or dress the  child’s playroom.

3. Small accessories!

Polka dots accessoriesView in gallery

Pillows, wall art or even a vase … polka-dots make even the smallest household accessories come to life. Revive a bare chair by adding a polka-dot pillow, make your table setting more interesting by using polka-dot enhanced silverware or show off your flowers in a vase dressed with the dots.

4. On the floors!

Polka dots floorView in gallery

A big piece of carpet, a small rug or a DIY project that covers your hardwood floors, polka-dots are a great way to highlight your floors and add depth to the space. In the kitchen, breakfast nook, sewing room or even in the bathroom; polka-dots will bring in a breath of fresh air.

5. Bedding!

Polka dots blue beddingView in gallery

Use polka-dot sheets to highlight a monochromatic comforter or vice-versa. Or, really get wild and have your bed entirely covered in the dots .. in opposite fashions. It’s a fun way to make your bedroom a bit more flirtatious and girly. It’s also perfect for the nursery or your tween’s private abode.

6. Furniture!

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Reupholster, buy it new or paint it on … refurbish older furniture or search for something that’s never been used with polka-dots already attached. Whether a desk, table, ottoman or chair; a piece covered in the print will revive a dull space and bring to life any corner of the house. Be bold!