6 Easy Summer Centerpieces

Spring is here and summer is quickly coming. And there’s nothing wrong with planning ahead for your summer BBQ’s and Sunday brunches. We’ve compiled a little taste of some hot, summery trends that will round out your table and add some style to any meal. Check out our picks for the best summer centerpieces and figure out how you’ll be creating some of your own!

1. Rustic Wildflowers.

Full view centerpiece finished

Go out in the backyard, pick some of your wildflowers and stick them in some of your old mason jars. It’s rustic, it’s simple and gorgeous! Whether it’s for a BBQ or a simple ladies lunch, this will spruce up the table, won’t take long to create and all your guests will love the extra thought! Besides, it’s incredible inexpensive.

2. Coral & Seashells.

Full view centerpiece finished

Of  course, you could always get a little beachy. With some coral pieces or some bouts of seashells you can easily put together a beautiful, summer beach centerpiece for your patio or breakfast table. Keep it neutral for a simple, subtle look or bring it pops of color using colored coral pieces and bright candles.

3. One leaf, One vase.

Full view centerpiece finished

Light and airy, grab a clear vase – with or without color – and pop in a single leaf or herb. It’s simple and summery without being over-the-top with color or pizazz. Line a outdoor bench for a evening BBQ or the breakfast bar with various shapes and size vases or bottles. Pour in some water and voila – instant style.

4. Orange-filled.

Full view centerpiece finished

You can always use some fruit! Grab some oranges, lemons or even some berries to create a stunning little number. Fill up a clear vase with your favorite fruit (or combination) and top it off with some flowers. It’s unique and completely summery!

5. Candy Coated.

Full view centerpiece finished

The same goes for the candy. Fun, playful bubblegum pieces can be used just like the fruit! Fill up a vase and top it off with your favorite summer flower. This is perfect for a casual lunch or for your daughter’s summer sleepover.

6. Simple floral.

Full view centerpiece finished

Of course, there’s always the obvious. Grab your favorite color floral or favorite flower combinations and create a simple centerpiece. Use your favorite vase and just bring a bit of color and life to the dinner table. You can even grab the fresh flowers you’ve been keeping in the living room and place them on the table when you’re in a pinch.