6 Easy DIY Chair Makeovers

Sometimes our chairs need a bit of sprucing up, cleaning up or even a complete and total makeover. Whether you have some old chairs that need a face lift or you’ve bought a inexpensive, simple chair to create more stylish out of, we’ve got a great list of chair DIYs to give you some ideas and inspiration on what to do. Scroll through our list, try one of the projects out and let us know how it goes!

1. A trendy ombre project.

Folding chair

Visit here to follow the step-by-step directions for this adorable project. Ombre is the biggest trend right now … in hair … in clothes … in linens. So why not try it out on a chair. Make a worn out chair pop by using a little spray paint to transform it into a stylish piece for the house.

2. Try and tie a scarf around it.

Folding chair

If you’ve got a pretty simple chair that needs a little extra oomph, there’s one simple easy way to fix the problem. Tie a colorful, playful scarf around it! Drap it, knot it or cover it completely. It’s a light, whimsical way to bring style to a too-clean look.

3. Reupholster the entire piece of furniture.

Folding chair

Go from leather to fabric, from fabric to leather in a quick flip of a staple gun. If you’ve got the skills to reupholster then do it as much as you can! When your fabric chairs become worn out, ripped or stained … pick out a new print or color and make it look new again!{found here}.

4. Decoupage something really interesting and fresh.

Folding chair

To really makeover a simple or worn-out chair. Try decoupage! The best thing about decoupage is you can get really funky and creative. Use different fabrics, papers and prints to cover the entire chair, just the seat or backrest.

5. Stick some stickers all over it.

Folding chair

Decals could be your best friend. Along with some paint, some vinly letters, numbers or fun decals could make something look brand new and lively once again. Whether you’d like to add a phrase or a wonderful, artistic design piece, decals are easy to use and they always work.{found here}.

6. Change the cushion.

Folding chair

Reupholster or add a new one. Changing a chairs seat cushion is a sure way to liven things up and totally makeover the look of the piece. Use a pattern to make it pop and enhance the room around it.{found on site}.