6 DIYs For Your Child’s Playroom

Are your children lucky enough to have an entire space to call their own? To play in. To relax in. To even set aside time to do their homework in? Well, just because a playroom is for the children, doesn’t mean it can’t be organized and stylized. It’s also a great place to try out some fun DIY projects too. And that’s what we have for you today, a list of super easy DIYs to help decorate and organize the playroom to make it more, well, playful of course!

1. Chalk board homework table.

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Yes, even homework can be fun in the playroom. Thanks to the Mommy Minded blog and their genius idea, my future children will have their very own chalkboard desk to do their homework on. They can work out math problems, practice their spelling or even have a fun art break and design the table with colored chalk.

2. Mailbox on the wall.

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Practice writing letters and sending them off. It’s cute on the wall and your kids will have so much fun sending and receiving letters to anyone and everyone they want to!

3. Interactive weather board.

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Follow this DIY to create an adorable weather board for your own little ones! It’s a great way to get your kids tuned into the weather and it’s a fun little treat for them to enjoy everyday. Not to mention, it also acts as the cutest piece of wall art!

4. Craft caddies.

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This is one of the simplest DIYs around. Every one of you kids can have their own little craft caddies! Take a muffin tin, fill it with solo cups (you can get these in an assortment of colors) and let your little ones fill each slot with their favorite art supplies! Glitter glues, colored pencils, crayons … anything they need to create a masterpiece can be easily stored in one easy little creation.

5. Melty crayon wall art.

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Fun with your kids and fun for yourself, this art project is sure to liven up the walls of the playroom. Glue on some crayons and get a hairdryer to start melting them away!

6. Canned storage.

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Grab some aluminum cans, spray them your favorite colors and stick them up on the wall. It’s easy storage for small toys, art and school supplies and anything else those little ones would like to keep inside!