6 DIY Rustic Backsplashes For Your Kitchen

Backsplashes can totally change the look and feel of a kitchen. So, if your looking to makeover your eating room instead of replacing and changing everything, you may want to add a backsplash instead.

And today we’re all about that rustic, homey feel. Some country-flavor and organic appeal are great themes for a kitchen and there are several great options to try and create yourself! Try out one of these DIY Rustic Backsplashes and give your kitchen a face lift this week!

1. Shipping pallets add support.

CI Susan Teare Recipe Backsplash close up

It’s cheap and easy! Use old shipping pallets (or even some salvaged wood) to create a backsplash with a rustic vibe. This will most certainly blend with a variety of color schemes while still adding a bit of pop.{found on designsponge}.

2. Stones add texture.

CI Susan Teare Recipe Backsplash close up

This may be my favorite choice, because I’ve always been a fan of stones and rocks! If you happen to run across an easy tutorial, this is a perfect rustic choice that is still very chic. It adds texture and surprise to your walls without being overbearing and still staying very organic.

3. Green tiles are pretty too.

CI Susan Teare Recipe Backsplash close up

Yes, green. Green evokes nature and soothes. But at the same time mixing it in a wooden decorated kitchen with an already rustic vibe takes the entire room up a notch and will add a punch of style.{found on dwell}.

4. Chicken wire works!

CI Susan Teare Recipe Backsplash close up

Using chicken wire as a backsplash will probably be your easiest choice in terms of doing it yourself. And it’ll probably be your safest choice in terms of sticking to a rustic appeal. You can’t go wrong with chicken wire!

5. Glass pebbles.

CI Susan Teare Recipe Backsplash close up

For a more upscale rustic edge, try glass pebbles. This is a great DIY to work from and you can find these little cuties in any color you’d  need! Use more or less, be creative!

6. Burlap is brilliant.

CI Susan Teare Recipe Backsplash close up

Everyone who loves rustic vibes, probably loves and uses a lot of burlap, considering its versatility. And this burlap backsplash, printed with favorite recipes, is not only adorable but very country-chic!{found on diynetwork}.

All of these backsplashes have the ability to been done by yourself without spending too much or having too much know-how, but then again if you really don’t trust your hands at your kitchen makeover call a specialist! But stick to your rustic vision, don’t go over-the-top if you want something serene and full of that vintage, organic ethos.