6 different ways in which you can add color to your home

If you think your home is too plain and boring then you should find a way to introduce color into the interior décor. There are lots of possibilities and you should choose the one that best suits your home. You can either choose to repaint the walls, to replace the doors or to use some colorful decorations. We’ve prepared a series of examples for each situation.

1. Use eye-catching kitchen lighting.

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The lighting fixtures are very important in any room. In the kitchen the options are not as rich as for the other rooms since a chandelier wouldn’t actually fit very well in this space. But you can get creative and you can add a subtle focal point to your kitchen décor by using Mason jar pendant lamps. They’re a simple and fun DIY project and you can either paint the jars or choose a type that’s naturally colored.

2. Use pattern and color for the ceiling.

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The ceiling is often ignored when redecorating. We tend to focus more on the walls and we usually use patterns and colors for these areas only. But the ceiling can create a very interesting focal point in a rather boring room. The walls can be colored too if you want. For example, a black and white striped ceiling would look beautiful in combination with yellow walls and furniture that makes the colors of the ceiling.

3. Framed wallpaper.

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Who says that there’s only one way for using the wallpaper? You can get creative here too and you can find a more original way of using the wallpaper. It would still be placed on the wall but it can be framed and turned into artwork. It would be a very nice way of creating contrasts of color, texture and pattern. The wallpaper can match some of the furniture or accessories or it can bring something completely new into the mix.

4. Colorful decorations on the bookshelf.

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Small details are usually the things that make a big difference when it comes to interior décor. For example, the way a bookcase looks like can completely change with the help of some decorative paper and some colorful decorations placed randomly on the shelves. If you have transparent glass shelves then the decorations will be the only visible ones and they will appear to be floating, creating an even more interesting image.

5. Colorful doors.

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You can add color to your home right from the entrance by opting for a strong color for the main door. It can either match the doorframe or it can create a strong contrast with both the frame and the façade of the house. For example, the white and blue combination is very refreshing and beautiful. There are also plenty of other combinations that you can try.

6. Colorful floors.

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Another simple but rather definitive way of adding color to a room is to use colorful flooring. But it usually means that once you choose the colors and the pattern you’re stuck with them for a long time so you should take your time before making a decision. The floor can either match the walls by featuring similar colors and different patterns or it can contrast with the entire room.

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