6 Creative Shelving Ideas

Whether it’s for the books, closet storage or to display some of your here and there nick-knacks,  shelving is more than just for necessity. In fact, there are some pretty unique, creative pieces out there if you know where to look. Change the entire look of your study walls or just bring some extra personality to the hallway by using some of these fun shelving ideas.

1. Ladders & Planks.

Glass floating system

Who knew a couple of vintage ladders and some old planks could create something so stylish? Perfect for the home office or even a large living room, this shelving can be created all on your own. Then just add your books, games and other charming do-dads to liven up the space.

2. Different sizes.

Glass floating system

Consider mixing up some different sizes. Whether you need them to fit a certain space or you just want to mix things up a bit, different size shelving add character and personality to a space that usually stays pretty dull. Like the powder room, for instance. This fun shelving idea adds extra style to a very unsuspecting place (and it’s functional!).

3. Custom built.

Glass floating system

You can even have some shelves custom built to fit your vision. Large, wall-size shelving units are great for storage and enhancing a certain theme. Take this nursery for instance, shaped like a whimsical forest it’s perfect to show off the baby books and completely change the look of the room.

4. Industrial ideas.

Glass floating system

For an edgy, industrial feel, add some funky shelves to the kitchen and create a pantry corner. Use baskets for organizing and have some fun with the color. If you have the room, go for it! It’s give the kitchen or breakfast nook a fun, interesting look compared to the normal everyday style.

5. Suspended in the air.

Glass floating system

Another great kitchen idea and a great place to store big items like your over-sized pots and pans … suspended in the air! Of course, this can also be another custom building project as well. It gets your kitchen organization under control but still gives the space a great, design feel.

6. Glass floaters.

Glass floating system

For a modern, artistic style, try out some glass floating shelves. Show off vases, photos or other art pieces atop these transparent pieces. It won’t take away from any wall treatments or colors and allows your home’s accessories to take center stage. These are perfect for the great room, but I think they’d add an even more special touch to the dining room!