6 Beautiful Mercury Glass Decorations For Your Home

You might have noticed that lately mercury glass has started to be increasingly popular. The technique used to make it has actually been around since the 1840s but it’s only recently that we rediscovered its beauty. Mercury glass is currently produced in the Czech Republic and was originally known as poor person’s silver. It’s made of a double glass wall with mercury inside. Of course, since mercury is a dangerous substance, safe-to-versions of mercury glass have been created over the years.

Mercury mantelView in gallery

Beautiful for any type of home and featuring a timeless charm, mercury glass decorations can also be used around Christmas. For example, this fireplace mantel has been decorated with a simple and elegant wreath surrounded by traditional greenery and silver mercury glass items.

Mercury pendant lampView in gallery

Mercury glass can be used to make lots of different items. Some of the most beautiful decorations for the house made from this material are chandeliers and pendant lamps.These drop pendant lamps are very beautiful. They have a very simple but very chic design and, as you might have guessed, they are made of mercury glass.

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Even the bathroom could use a few eye-catching features made of mercury glass. For example, this chic bathroom features lots of mercury glass details including the sink and faucet. This palette created a cohesive décor and the result is also a calm and stylish look.

Mercurt flower vaseView in gallery

Great for any room of the house, mercury glass vases are traditional decorations that can be easily integrated in many types of decors. In this case, the mercury glass vases have been filled with seasonal conifer twigs and transformed into wonderful displays for Christmas.

Mercury candle holderView in gallery

Lets’ not forget about some of the most common decorations that are found in almost every home. We’re talking about candles and candle holders. These ones are made of mercury glass and look very similar to silver candle holders. They are the perfect thing to complete the beautiful Christmas mantel decoration.

Table mercury accessoriesView in gallery

Mercury glass urns and vases are some of the oldest types of decorations. At first used as recipients, they have then become beautiful stand-alone decorations that don’t need anything else to be impressive. In this elegant dining room, they are displayed on the table and the crystal chandelier makes them stand out and shine even more.

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